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360 Viewer Light


360 Photo Viewer

It’s very good viewer of panoramic images for Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder.

Please notice
You can try the Pro version if you need a virtual tour, a gallery, gyroscope and more.

With the help of this plugin you can easy create any panorams. Also, you can mark products on the panoramic image thanks to Woocommerce support. it is possible to create markers with templates and display information from a post or a product. There are unlimited number of markers and for all of them there is an opportunity to set the action when you click.
Also, Its special feature is setting up panoramic image on section background which is an excellent replacement of video background.

Create in a few seconds nice blocks with panoramic images to present your rooms, buildings, etc.

360 Viewer Light features

  • Multiply panorama photos – unlimited amount of the panoramas on the page.
  • Overlay and background. – Place your panoramic image as a background of the section and get amazing banner with own content
  • Support woocommerce – you can mark products on the panoramic image.
  • Markers – mark the people, buildings, landmarks and so on on the photo and add some information about them. HTML and shortcodes are allowed.
  • Supports cropped panorama
  • Responsive – thanks to Elementor page builder and Fullheight parameter your panoramic image will be working great on all the resolutions.
  • AutoRotate on Start – automatically starts the animation of the rotation.
  • Blend mode – combine the colors of image or overlay color with panoramic image. In this case this allows to create styled panoramic images without editor.
  • Controls, Animations speed, mousewheel etc – and more
  • Full List of Pro Features

When you upgrade to Pro you also get premium ticket and live chat support for the free version of 360 Viewer Light too!


Would you like to help improve 360 Viewer Light or report a bug you found? This project is open source on GitHub!


Installation is simple:

  1. Just use the “Add New” button in Plugin section of your WordPress blog’s Control panel. To find the plugin there, search for 360 Viewer Light
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Add a new Elementor widget or WPBakery shortcode to page
  4. To display the 360 Viewer Light on the frontend of your site.
  5. Plese try


Who is it for?

The purpose of this plugin is very broad. For example, it can be used to show an, office, a flat for rent, different buildings, museums, etc. as well as to mark any elements on a photos, for example, products.

How does it work?

You need one panoramic photo. You insert this photo in any place of pages with the help of widget 360 Photo Viewer and Elementor page builder. After that, customize its view as you like. Besides, you have a unique opportunity to insert the panoramic photo as section background. Inside of this section any widgets can be placed in accordance with Elementor opportunities.

Which technologies are used? what is browsers support?

Plugin used js script Photo Sphere Viewer to show panoramic photo.
In turn this script uses WebGL and HTML Canvas technologies, this enables to support all popular browsers.

Which images can i use?

For the present, You can use images which are covered on 360o. You will be able to use cropped images, for example, 360o×180o and 180o×180o in the nearest version.

How elements can be marked?

We have developed a convenient method of element’s marking, namely, by clicking on element you need. You don’t have to insert coordinates of elements on the image manually. Also, these markers support tooltips and additional content. Users can find out more by clicking on wanted marker.

Can i make animated image?

The plugin gives an opportunity to select rotation speed and auto-rotation turning on.
This creates effect of being like video and it is especially beautiful when panoramic photo is set up as section background.


2023(e)ko martxoaren 27(a)
Hi, I have tried all the panorama add-ons, and by far, your plugin is the best… ¿Why do you not keep on working on it.. I can see that hasn’t been updates for the last 3 WordPress updates? Your plugin is the best! will you consider updating the plugin, or to help me fix the issues, so I can keep using your plugin? Thanks in advance
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