Send Order Notifications for WooCommerce


A practical plugin that enables you to easily and automatically notify administrators, clients, and vendors via WhatsApp.

Transform your business with WhatsApp Business platform
WhatsApp platform with more than 2 billion users around the world.

* Notification to customer and admin and product manager (vendors) in case of registration and change of order status
* Notification settings in different order statuses (completed, pending, etc.)
* The ability to change the text and personalize each message for the manager, customer and seller for each order status
* and other professional features

3rd Party or external service:
This plugin must use a third-party service to send all WhatsApp messages. Therefore, 360Messenger and WaMessenger services are used to send messages.
Links used in the plugin to send messages:
Refer to the api documentation:
Refer to the service terms of use:
Refer to main site:


  • Screen shot 1
  • Screen shot 2


how do i start?

  1. Register on
  2. Choose a plan
  3. Connect your WhatsApp
  4. Insert the APIKEY into the plugin
  5. Customize plugin settings


2024(e)ko ekainaren 5(a) 2 replies
bought the plugin, after payment, the service was stopped without any reason. the money was never returned.
2024(e)ko otsailaren 29(a)
I’ve linked my WhatsApp account with the 360Messenger service, and messages are being sent automatically and effectively. Initially, I’m utilizing the free 7-day trial for testing purposes. After that period, I plan to purchase this service.
2023(e)ko apirilaren 30(a)
I connected my WhatsApp to the 360Messenger service and the messages are sent automatically and well.Use the free 7-day plan.
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  • Add country code for internal number.
  • Fixed date format bug.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.


  • Compatible with HPOS.
  • Compatibility with php 8.1.
  • Fixed minor errors.


  • Standardization of codes.


  • Fixed phone number validation problem.


  • Fixed minor errors.


  • Initial release.