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Advanced WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider


Instantly transform the gallery on your WooCommerce Product page into a fully Responsive Stunning Carousel Slider.

Plugin Features

  • Gallery Layout [Horizontal/Vertical Silder]
  • Responsive Layout
  • Very Lightweight
  • Easy Admin Settings
  • Navigation support
  • Slider AutoPlay Options
  • Customize Slider Arrow (Color Options)
  • Attractive Lightbox effect
  • Working with Most of Premium themes
  • Touch and Swipe enabled etc.
  • Pro Plugin Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • 8 One-Click Templates (Check screenshots here)
  • Vertical and Horizontal with Left, Right, Top, Bottom Thumbnail Sliders
  • Autoplay Settings
  • Thumbnail Preview
  • Slider Animation: Slide or Fade
  • Slider RTL Mode
  • 8 Arrow Icons
  • Bullet Style: Dots, Bars, Line and Number
  • Bullet Thumbnails
  • Lightbox Customization
  • Zoom support in Lightbox
  • YouTube & Vimeo Video support for Product Image & Gallery
  • Supports Simple & Variable WooCommerce Products
  • Export/Import Settings
  • Create Custom Template for your Theme
  • Fully Translatable and includes all .po and .mo files
  • No Shortcode available in this version
  • Upgrade To Pro ยป



    1. Upload woo-product-gallery-image-slider folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


    2023(e)ko urtarrilaren 30(a)
    This plugin looks promising, as it works excellent on desktop. However settings aren't saving. Like for example I changed the "slides to show" but this does not seem to do anything. I tried changing to Twenty Twenty theme but the same problem applies here. Also on mobile, the slider is stretched to an insane width. So, absolutely useless.
    2022(e)ko ekainaren 27(a)
    Need some updates to fix the slider responsiveness. Plugin works well and does its job. Thanks
    2021(e)ko irailaren 9(a)
    This is a good plugin for Woocommerce. The only issue I am having is the swipe function on mobile. You have to swipe on an angle (bottom right to top left) to allow this feature to work. Maybe developer has seen others complain about this on their support page. If this was taken on board based on user feedback on the support side I would change this to 5 stars. I also noticed the premium version doesn't seem to exists and the developers website url on here is broken.
    2021(e)ko maiatzaren 3(a) 1 reply
    Tried this plugin in two different websites and all this plugin does is to make product gallery looks more awfull than default. Hope it gets better in future.
    2021(e)ko apirilaren 20(a)
    Great plugin! I tested some other plugin for product gallery. But i love this plugin. It's super fast and light weight. And plugin author is so helpful. Thanks for providing great solution free of cost.
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    =Version 1.0.0=

    • Initial Release