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Auto Translator for WPML



This version is under development. You can follow more information about it in the main GitHub Repository.

WPML 4 will be released soon, so I will wait until final release will launched to change plugin version to stable.


Main repository:

This plugin let you translate all content of your WordPress using google translator.
In the future is planned to add more services and configurations like bing.

You need plugin installed (which require a license to use).

This plugin is currently is compatible with WPML Translation Management,
so you can use it with Elementor and only translate strings (not the full page).

Configure plugin

In Settings Option will be added new item called **WPMLAT”, you can change
parameters here as you wish.

Using the plugin

Under WPML menu (you need WPML installed) you can choose “Do Auto Translation”,
in this page you can execute the auto translation process.


  • Configuration


Upload the plugin to your blog (wp-content/plugins), activate it, configure it, enjoy.


Installation Instructions

Upload the plugin to your blog (wp-content/plugins), activate it, configure it, enjoy.


2018(e)ko uztailaren 23(a)
I tried to translate by this plugin, there will be some fault, and “Maximum number of characters exceeded: 5000” always be informed when it is running the translate. I think wpml should support this plugin. update: test and it does not work well, and not finish the translate on the test website
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“Auto Translator for WPML” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


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  • Initial release.