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Contact Form 7 Benchmark Email Extension


Integrate Contact Form 7 with Benchmark Email. Automatically add form submissions to your contact lists in Benchmark Email, using its XML-RPC API.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Each contact form can be sent to a different contact list
  • Single or Double Opt-in with the check of a box
  • Map fields from your contact form to fields in Benchmark
  • Latest Benchmark API


  1. Self hosted installation (4.1 or higher)
  2. Contact Form 7 (4.2 or higher)
  3. Benchmark Email account


  1. Upload the entire ‘benchmark-email-integration-for-cf7’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

You will find ‘Benchmark Email’ menu in your Contact Form 7 editor.


2016(e)ko irailaren 3(a) 1 reply
Coloquei minha chave de api e fiz tudo conforme as instruções, mas as listas não aparecem... já desativei todos os plugins e não é incompatibilidade.
2016(e)ko irailaren 3(a)
I am very grateful for this plugin and the utility it provides. I did run into minor problems getting it to work and think that documentation could be better, but of course it is only the first release of a plugin with a small user base. These are some features I would like to see in the future (and the reason I gave the plugin 4 stars rather than 5): 1. The ability to tie the subscribe to a opt-in check box in the Contact 7 form itself. This would be make it more apparent to users that they can also be subscribing to a list when the send in a message on the contact form. 2. The ability to edit the words used in the Benchmark confirmation email -- again so that users are better able to understand and connect the email confirmation with their own act of filling in a site contact form.
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