Plugin hau ez da probatu WordPressen azken 3 bertsio garrantzitsuenekin. Baliteke, jada, mantentze edo euskarririk ez izatea, eta, WordPressen bertsio berriagoekin erabiltzen denean, bateragarritasun arazoak izan ditzake.

Church Social


This plugin allows churches to display content from their Church Social account on their WordPress website. For example, it will display public events from the calendar as well as public sermons from the sermon archive. This is a great way to keep this content up-to-date on your church’s public-facing website.

Note, you must be a Church Social customer to use this plugin, as it requires an API key. This plugin can be used with both the Church Social provided WordPress themes, as well as any other theme. To become a customer, or to simply learn more about Church Social, please visit our website at


  • Upload the plugin into a church-social folder in the /wp-content/plugins directory.
  • Activate plugin in the WordPress admin.
  • In the WordPress admin, go to Settings, then Church Social, and enter your Church Social API key.
  • To enable the calendar or sermon archive, simply select the pages you want them to appear on.
  • You can also optionally set a theme, which is helpful if you’re not using one of the Church Social provided WordPress themes.


What is Church Social?

Church Social is an online app built specifically for Reformed churches. It allows church administrators to manage member information securely and with ease. It also provides members access to a private area online where they can use helpful features like a member directory, sermon archive, scheduling tools, group emailer, sermon archive, and more.

Why do I need to be a Church Social customer to use this plugin?

The purpose of this plugin is to show content from within a customer’s Church Social account on their WordPress website. Without an account there would be no data to display.


Ez dago berrikuspenik plugin honentzat.

Laguntzaileak eta Garatzaileak

“Church Social” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Itzul zaitez Church Social zure hizkuntzara.

Garapena interesatzen zaizu?

Araka kodea, begiratu SVN biltegia edo harpidetu garapen erregistrora RSS bidez.

Aldaketen loga


  • Test on latest version of WordPress (6.2.2)


  • Fix canonical URLs and sermon pagination


  • Clean up plugin styles


  • Add the ability to add a copyright notice on the sermon page


  • Show page content on calendar and sermon index pages


  • More updates for the new Church Social public API


  • Fix another bug with sermon pagination


  • Fix bug with sermon pagination


  • Update to use new Church Social public API


  • Update branding


  • Fix formatting of event descriptions


  • Add sermon “read by name” when it is set


  • Fix bug with links in the upcoming events widget


  • Fix bug where sermon page was not showing the date


  • Added support for GMT offset timezones


  • Added new document (PDF) sermon format
  • Updated dates to use the configured timezone
  • Improved handling of missing sermon data


  • Standardize CSS class names for easier style customization.


  • Improvements to the “recent sermons” and “upcoming events” widgets.


  • Updated to new domain.


  • First public release.