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RepairBuddy is a great WordPress CRM Plugin. Which can help you convert your WordPress website into a better software. Which can help you manage your services, parts, extras, jobs, technicians and clients effectively. The RepairBuddy CRM WordPress plugin is the smart way to manage your customers and jobs. With ability to add extra items which you can reuse as products.

Repair Service booking is helpful for drone repair business, mobile repair business, computer repair business, watch repair business, home appliances repair business infect you can use RepairBuddy for any type of repairing business.

New Warranty booking shortcode will help you let your customers book for warranty claim by uploading recipt and other items related to device in warranty.

Now in Device Booking for your repair shop your customers can add multiple devices in their booking and also can enter device serial number pin codes and notes based on each device.

The booking feature let your customers select the brand, device, service and then enter their informaiton to book their device. Its useful and interactive and a great way to get the jobs started quickly.

You can add multiple devices to single job which was not possible before. So there is no need to create multiple jobs for different devices from same customer on same time. Now pin code feature help you store device’s logins as well. Each device have its own job details as well.

The reports section is powerful to get statistics about sales with various filters. Like you can filter jobs which have been paid or not paid. You can filter reports on basis of job status as well.

Job history is a new section which enables you to track the history of job. Like when status was changes, what was status before. Which technician is working now who previous technicians worked on the job. Payments history, customer history, job details history and much more. This section also allows you to add manual job history in case you want to add a custom feedback or comment with status private or public.

Now just with one button click you can switch parts with WooCommerce products. Recipt printer is great addition for you to use roll printer easily. Now there is print button in invoice and repair order so you do not need to click ctrl+p to print the invoice. Yes with improved invoice and print order styling.

Devices post type helps you define the brands you work for and their devices you accept to repair. While creating a job you can select device its IMEI or ID. So you have record of device you worked on with its ID.

My booking is a great device booking feature where users can select the manufacture and then the devices related to that manufacture loads. After that they can select a device and the related services will load. Once service is selected the customer can fill out their information to book their device. There are several possibilities like you can get device by courier. Book my device or device booking seems like a great feature in plugin.

Additionally file attacment optional option included in case you want to add any type of file attachment in jobs page.

Now supports multiple taxes you can use different taxes for services, extras and products as well.

Advance filters help you to filter jobs based on their status, payment status, by customer and by technician as well.

Some great features like laptop rental offer and its charges on daily and weekly basis. The pickup and delivery option and its charges. These are furthermore addons in your services which can benefit your customers.

Repair shop CRM is a great tool to make right decisions about your business with the reports. If you want to analyze if your business growth is positive or not good to take right decisions, the reports which can have various filters are very helpful in Repair Shop CRM WordPress plugin.

Parts can have their installation charges as well as the cost of part/product.

To view details please check the video below.

Many more features available in premiume version. Find other details about premium version.

Find Details about Premium Version

Maintenance Reminders Module

Maintenance reminder module is another great addition into RepairBuddy repairing CRM WordPress Plugin. Reminders can be sent based on interval of older jobs than a selected time. Maintenance reminders are not only sent via emails but can also be send via SMS.

While maintenance reminders can be activated for all types of devices and all types of brands but can also work for specefic devices and specefic brands.

Third party Calls

1) Plugin generates QR code with help of Google QR Code API. For which plugin terms of business link to google to generate QR Code so customer can easily scan the QR code and get the terms of service loaded in their device.
For which plugin uses By Google which is only used in Repair Order which is to sign by customer.

2) Also when you try to activate your plugin to pro version, in that case the Purchase code and Email address is sent to our system at to confirm your purchase and activate plugin.

We do take any informaiton from your website and store it anywhere.

Great news we have created a community for repairing businesses. Register today and list your business to reach more customers. RepairBuddy


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Install plugin to your wordpress then follow steps below.

  1. To add check case status form create a page and insert shortcode [wc_order_status_form].
  2. Book the service with brand, device and service selection. Doesn’t include device type or grouped services [wc_book_my_service].
  3. Grouped services based on selected devices booking [wc_book_type_grouped_service]
  4. Multiple services selection based on device [wc_book_devices_and_services]
  5. Warranty claim without service selection [wc_book_my_warranty]
  6. My account page with awesome dashboard [wc_cr_my_account]
  7. List services on a front end page [wc_list_services]
  8. Display parts on front end page [wc_list_products]
  9. Go to admin panel Computer repair shop and assign basic settings.
  10. Go to parts section and add new parts available in your shop do same for services.


Can we translate this plugin?

Yes this plugin can be translated into any language.

Can i use more than 1 taxes?

Yes there is no limit to use taxes, each product, part, service and extra can use separate tax.

Can i switch Parts with WooCommerce Products?

Yes just with one click button you can make this switch happen.

Is there any repair order to get signed by customer?

Yes that’s great addition to print Work order and get signed for pickup and delivery from your customer.

Can i add more job statuses?

Yes several more new job statuses can be added.

Is there a limit on parts/products and services?

No you can add unlimited parts/products and services.


2022(e)ko irailaren 28(a)
I recommend this plug-in to anyone who has a repair shop, it’s very helpful plug-in and the developer is always ready to help!
2021(e)ko martxoaren 28(a) 1 reply
This plugin is the right choice for any service center and match the business needs and easy to use. Also support team is very co-operative and provide fixes/new versions and very good timely manner. I used the Pro version and I'm totally satisfied with it. and recommend other to try.
2020(e)ko irailaren 16(a)
It was not an easy search to find a product (plugin) that would add functionality that dramatically improves my Customer interactions and relationships. I service and repair clocks and vintage electronics. I needed a "simple" way to communicate from my site (me) and back to each of my Customers about the progress of the service or repair of their clock or radio. This plugin established the perfect foundation for me deploying such a solution with having to make minimal changes to the plugin itself. In addition to my servicing and repairing activities, I am also a part-time developer (mainframe and mid-range). This is a well written plugin that made my modifications effortless - modifications to align the plugin to my site's branding. I highly recommend this plugin, the quality of the plugin, coupled with the excellent Customer Service, makes this plugin the perfect choice foe me today and going forward. Warm Regards
2020(e)ko abuztuaren 7(a)
Hi. Thank you for creating such a wonderful plugin. This is what I was exactly looking for. I run a mobile repair shop and this plugin is very handy for managing all the online data.
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Aldaketen loga


  • Improved email templates
  • Add parts on Fly
  • Add services on fly
  • Edit devices
  • Send reminder test email


  • Maintenance reminder module
  • Send maintenance reminders via emails
  • Send maintenance reminders via SMS


  • Warranty claim module
  • Extra fields module
  • File attachments in jobs


  • FILTER – wc_rb_myaccount_tab_menu_item – ARGUMENT USER ROLE
  • FILTER – wc_rb_myaccount_tab_body – ARGUMENT USER ROLE


  • Multiple devices in booking module
  • Add device serial number in booking
  • Add device pin code and note in booking by customer


  • Action added before status check >> wc_rb_before_status_check_result


  • Add device from job page
  • Disable services based on device type
  • Disable services based on brand
  • Disable services for devices
  • Grouped booking shortcode
  • Improved Backend design


  • Ability to replace devices with woo products


  • On-site payments (cash, swipe, check, bank transfer)
  • Online payments via WooCommerce orders


  • Payment Methods Integration
  • Filter – wc_rb_jobs_action_payments – Param JOBID – Return


  • SMS integration feature


  • Payment methods section settings
  • URL to access job status
  • Default pages setup for shortcodes


  • Currency formating settings
  • Thousand separator option, Decimal operator option, Decimal numbers


  • Register Actions for different support
  • Action – wc_rb_settings_tab_menu_item – Echo
  • Action – wc_rb_settings_tab_body – Echo
  • Filter – rb_carregistration_inside_device_wrap_jobs – Return


  • Number format fix


  • jQuery issues fixed front end
  • Fixed my account and booking alignment issues


  • Fix backend print functionality


  • Print functionality in front End for orders
  • Print Feature in Check Status Window
  • GDPR Acceptance in the Quote and Booking form


  • Add Address to job Recipt
  • Add address to repair order
  • Customer information in Repair orders
  • Custom thank you message in repair order and invoice
  • Job filter fixed by devices


  • Fix design issues conflict with CSS classes
  • Fix PHP notice on report page
  • Fix Round Decimals


  • Fix decimal issue in Service qty and price


  • Use A4 OR A5 size for Repair Order
  • Add Device Brand Logo or Image
  • Book my service functionality based on brand, device, service and parts selection
  • Auto refresh Customer list on add new


  • WooCommerce My Account Menu – Request quote
  • WooCommerce My Account Menu – Repair Orders


  • Activation process fixed


  • Make device label changeable
  • Make ID/IMEI label changeable
  • Support to add multiple devices
  • Search by device ID
  • Device note field
  • Multiple devices in jobs, reports, emails, repair orders and labels also reports


  • Email notificaiton on add new user disable
  • Case Number prefix Generator
  • Case number length control for string
  • Email about manual job id to customers


  • Fixed security issues


  • Fixed minor issues


  • PHP Short tags removal
  • Sanitization of the user inputs
  • Escaping the output


  • Fix request quote problem
  • Reports Section


  • Improved address for customer
  • Improved address for technician


  • Support for RTL language
  • Hebrew Language Support
  • Fix Database collation


  • Public Job History in Job Status Check
  • Improved status design


  • Add Company into the invoice.


  • Black Friday Sale Ends


  • Black Friday Sale


  • Job history section


  • Added device brand in sidebar
  • Improved Email Design
  • Device Pin Code/Password


  • Capability and user permission problem resolved
  • Search WooCommerce Products Ajax autofill for large# of products


  • Fixed problem to add number decimals in price fields.


  • Included the ID in customer dropdown for better search
  • Include Device Column In job list page
  • Include Device ID along device name in job list page
  • Job search by device ID
  • Jobs filter by device name


  • Status Email Message DB Column
  • Update Job Status from
  • Email message add new status from
  • Send email on status chagne with new field from db.


  • Status change email if status changed from job list page
  • Fixed capability issues for Technicians and Managers


  • Fix Translation issues
  • New Feature Repair Label
  • New Manager user role
  • Fixed technician access
  • Change Tax status active/inactive
  • Change Job Status Status active/inactive
  • Inventory management with WooCommerce
  • Create a new job from front end.
  • Status change through Job list page


  • Fix problem of missing files and Fatal error.


  • Add Button to Disable Parts and Enable WooCommerce Products
  • Device Post Type
  • Ability to Switch Parts with WooCommerce Products
  • Repair Order feature
  • Pint on Invoice
  • Print button on Repair Order
  • Improved Style of Invoice
  • Add Device ID / IMEI in job
  • Select Device in Job
  • File Attachment Option


  • Initial Release.