Demo Awesome


Demo Awesome – The Data Importer is a plugin designed specially for Theme4Press themes users to help start building outstanding websites with one click. The unique predefined demos will set your website with modern theme settings, demo posts and pages, widgets, menus and much more. Create blogs, magazines or e-shops within few minutes. Awesome!


  • Main page of the demo importer - demo browser
  • Live preview of a demo directly in the admin page
  • The pop up will inform about required plugins for particular demo
  • Once import finished, you can start to customize


  • a) Install the plugin through WordPress plugins page by searching the Demo Awesome term and click Install Now button
    b) If you downloaded the plugin manually, upload the demo-awesome plugin folder (unzipped) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation

  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


What themes is this plugin compatible with?

The Demo Awesome plugin is designed only for themes by Theme4Press

What website niche I can import with this plugin?

The plugin with a free Theme4Press theme lets you to import demos for business website, magazine or an e-shop

Do demos require additional plugins?

Yes, some demos, for example e-shops require plugins. The importer will always show you the list of required plugins for the particular demo which you can install instantly

Are these demos recommended for existing websites?

We strongly recommend using these demos for newly created websites, development websites etc. as the plugin will change or remove many existing content of your website like posts, pages, widgets, theme settings etc.


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This is really excellent plugin and works very well with Evolve theme. Template library is clean and very easy to install (one click install). A++
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  • Corrected a bug, which caused message “Missing plugins” to appear, when all required plugins are actually installed.


  • Initial Release