Dynamic Connector Block


You can now insert curated content into multiple posts, using logic to determine what displays site-wide, without hiring a developer or writing code.

What is it used for?

🎨 Display Dynamic CTAs: Show custom calls-to-action (CTAs) based on where your visitors are and what they’re interested in.

πŸ“š Create Tailored Content: Craft content that adapts to your visitors’ preferences, making their browsing experience more relevant and engaging.

πŸ“Š Optimize Conversions: Target specific audiences with the right message at the right time, increasing conversions and engagement rates.


✨ Category Ruleset (Free Feature): Display dynamic blocks based on certain post categories.
✨ Taxonomy Ruleset (Pro Feature): Display dynamic blocks based on any public post taxonomy.
✨ Title Ruleset (Pro Feature): Display dynamic blocks based on post title.
✨ Priority Setting (Pro Feature): Display dynamic blocks based on the order of importance/priority.


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  • Dynamic Connector Block Add dynamic content to your website


  1. Download the plugin ZIP file.
  2. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
  3. Upload the ZIP file and activate the plugin.
  4. Create a new dynamic block using the newly added “Conditional Content” post type.
  5. Navigate to the page/post where you want to display dynamic content and insert the “Dynamic Connector Block”.


Isn’t this the same as Reusable Blocks?

Not quite! Reusable blocks are still static, while this plugin adds a new layer of logic so inserted blocks change automatically.

How does this plugin make my life easier?

This plugin makes advanced user targeting simple by allowing you to insert blocks that dynamically update their content based on the rules you set. Instead of having to update hundreds of posts when you have a new product available, you can use this plugin to make the change automatically.

Will this block match my website out-of-the-box?

Yes! The block doesn’t add any styling or new front-end content, so all of your blocks will continue rendering as expected.

How can this block improve conversion rates?

This plugin makes it easy to display unique content based on the post it’s inserted to, giving you the ability to create targeted opt-ins that match the content your reader is already choosing to consume.

Does this block require any other code or plugins?

No, there are no dependencies required to make this block work. Other plugins and blocks can be used to insert different types of content, though.

Can I use this for more than email opt-ins?

Yes! While we initially made it for category-specific opt-ins, we quickly realized this plugin would be more powerful and implemented new features to allow you to use it for affiliate products, self promotion, cookbooks, and more!


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  • Fix: Missing group selector on the block with Automatic block inserter plugin.


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