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Email as Username for WP-Members


Requires WP-Members to be in use. Uses members’ emails as their usernames. Removes the need to create a username (if wp-members is in use). Changes or removes appropriate items from forms, and adds the email address as the username. If WP-Members is no longer in use, there are plenty of plugins that offer this capability for WP’s native registration and login functions

How it works:
This plugin doesn’t do much of anything with the login form. It deals with the WP-Members registration form, removing username as a field to fill out and filling it automatically with the email entered. For backward compatibility (for users that were created before this plugin was installed), the plugin will try looking up the username by email if they log in with that instead of their username.

The plugin also does some funky things with subscribers:

  1. It doesn’t allow them access to the dashboard. This is to keep them from changing their email address (and un-syncing their username/email)
  2. It turns off the admin bar for them. Let’s face it, they don’t need that anyways.

Props to Beau Lebens for his Email Login plugin. I stole his function (from version 4.6.3) to help with backward compatibility.


  1. Make sure the WP-Members plugin is installed and activated
  2. Turn the WordPress native Registration off (users can still register through WP-Members)
  3. Upload the /email-as-username-wpmem folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Will this work without WP Members activated?

I highly doubt it. This plugin does not attempt to control the native WordPress registration


2018(e)ko abenduaren 21(a)
Just posting this to let everyone know that it is working perfectly under WP5.0.2 . I was a little afraid considering it hasn't been updated (and reviewed) since long. But it does the job perfectly. Great idea, thanks to those who did it (long time ago) 😉
2016(e)ko irailaren 3(a) 1 reply
Found this Plugin while googleing for a solution - you saved me hours of work
2016(e)ko irailaren 3(a)
Worked great. Thank you! P.S. - Just remember if you use caching you need to totally clear out your caches to get the updated form.
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“Email as Username for WP-Members” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Aldaketen loga


  • Add internationalization (Italian Language Files)
  • Add options page
  • General WP coding standard compliance
  • Thanks to realloc for all these additions and changes


  • Fix argument missing error


  • Fix password reset for when username != email


  • Add ability to login with email even if username is different (Thanks to Beau Lebens)


  • Initial Release