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Enquir3 Case Studies


Please note that you are required to register with Enquir3 Ltd prior to being able to activate and use the plugin. contact Enquir3 Ltd on 0207 100 5180 or

Enquir3 are all about helping you to make the most out of your greatest asset: your existing clients.

The Enquir3 Case Studies Plugin provides a system to effectively and aesthetically display comprehensive case studies relating to your clients on your website.

Enquir3 engage with your company’s clients in a structured but personal process, so that you can gain an insight into what they truly think about your business and services you offer.

This plugin provides a dedicated case study page, widgets and management tools. You can use the widgets either use in your theme’s widget area or on your web pages. It displays the most recent case studies that are created through the Enquir3 Feedback System and is linked to our feedback database for management, support and security.

** Features. **
Publishing options by status
Has option to create case studies independent of Enquir3 Feedback (still require the Feedback Plugin)
Customizable character limits
Simple and easy to use with additional features via widgets or short codes
Responsive design, resizes to screen size
Cycle through recent case studies within the widgets
For more information please visit

How To Use

Please refer to guidance notes for the “Enquir3 Case Studies Plugin” available at


For the Enquir3 Case Studies l Plugin to display case studies, you must first register for an audit from Enquir3 to gather open and honest feedback and for it to be stored on the Enquir3 database.

During the audit process Enquir3 will provide the details to connect to the database.

Once you receive the configuration information, install & activate the plugin. Options can be modified in the settings page to suit your requirements.

Please contact Enquir3 at or call us on 0207 100 5180

You do need to install the Enquir3 Feedback plugin prior to installing the Enquir3 Case Study Plugin.


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