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Cross borders with Expedico!


Use Expedico plugin to ship your parcels to various countries in Europe directly from WooCommerce. Download parcel labels in bulk or individually for each order. Get automatic updates of parcel status as well as order status in WooCommerce.


  • Connection to various courier services in Europe
  • Cash-on-delivery supported
  • Automatic update of parcel status including update of order status
  • Bulk download and printing of shipping labels

Coming Up Soon

  • Delivery to pickup points and parcel lockers in Europe
  • Map for selection of pickup points directly from your cart


Is this plugin free?

Yes, all plugin functions are free without limitations.

How do I start?

  1. Create Expedico account and complete the setup at
  2. Install and activate the Expedico plugin in your WordPress administration:
  3. In the Main menu select the tab Users
  4. Find your user and click on its name
  5. On the bottom of the page is an Application Password section
  6. Insert any name you want for your new password into the field New Application Password Name
  7. Click on the “Add New Application Password” button
  8. This will show the new password right bellow the button you just clicked (it’s alphanumeric text with 24 characters)
  9. Go to Applinth by clicking on the “Expedico Plugin Administration” button in the profile section at Expedico
  10. Copy password from step 8 and paste it into the “Authorization Form” in WooCommerce module at Applinth
  11. Paste it into the field “Generated password”
  12. Then insert your username into the field “WooCommerce Username/E-mail” in the same form
  13. The field with Username can also be found in the User detail page where the password was generated (it’s in the middle part of the page, greyed out and cannot be edited)
  14. Copy the parent URL of you WooCommerce shop: Eg: “”
  15. Paste it into the “Url” field in the WooCommerce form at Applinth
  16. After you fill all 3 fields in the WooCommerce module form at Applinth, click on the “Save” button
  17. Then fill and save the 3 remaining forms in WooCommerce module at Applinth (“Payment methods”, “Order statuses”, “Carriers”)
  18. After you fill and save all forms, click on the activate switch


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