WooCommerce Etsy Integration


Etsy Marketplace Integration for WooCommerce: Sync products, orders, and inventory in real-time

WooCommerce Etsy Integration is a plugin that allows you to easily list your WooCommerce products on Etsy and synchronize orders and inventory between the two platforms in real time.

With real-time synchronization of orders and inventory through the plugin, you can easily manage your sales and fulfill orders without the need for manual effort. This plugin eliminates the need to create product feed files manually, saving you time and effort while increasing your revenue potential by expanding your reach to the Etsy marketplace.

Connecting your WooCommerce store to Etsy has never been easier. Start selling on WooCommerce and Etsy today.

Why is ExportFeed the best WooCommerce-to-Etsy integration?

  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Bulk upload to Etsy
  • Variation Management before upload
  • Lightning-fast Order Syncing & Updates
  • Etsy sales tax tracking
  • Custom Attribute Support
  • Default shipping profile for products
  • Multiple Image Support
  • Live chat & email support through Exportfeed.com

Special: One-time feed setup service free for Etsy

Easy Woocommerce to Etsy Integration

Installing the Etsy plugin is as simple as installing any other plugin though it offers functionality beyond your WordPress website. Once installed, you connect your Etsy store and have WooCommerce and Etsy connected just like that.

Product Uploads from Woocommerce to Etsy in a few easy steps

No more manual copying & pasting of products. You can choose individual products or have the option of uploading a whole category at once within a few clicks with an intuitive user interface. All the information available in your WooCommerce products will be sent to Etsy.

Easy product customization before upload

Individualizing the product before uploading it to Etsy has never been this easier. You can set your own rules for the product by increasing prices by a specific percentage, keeping transaction fees in mind, or updating specific product titles.

Plugin Configurations for all kinds of sellers

You can select which attributes you want to have synced between WooCommerce & Etsy. Choose whether you want the title, description, and tags to update on Etsy. Configure the listing per your requirements from the creation date to the listing type(physical or digital).

Real-time Inventory & Order sync

Sync orders and inventory between Etsy and WooCommerce in real-time. Inventory synchronization is lightning fast. Any updates made on products on WooCommerce are reflected on Etsy in real time. Also, any time you get an order on your Etsy product, the order will be fetched into your WooCommerce so that you can fulfill it from one place.

Track Etsy sales in WooCommerce
You can sync the order information from Etsy to WooCommerce. You can fulfill the order from Etsy or WooCommerce and leave the rest to the plugin. The information such as tracking number, order fulfillment, and client information will be synced between the two stores.

Stay up to date with your sales tax
Worry no more about keeping track of tax from your Etsy sales. Sales tax from every order will also be imported to WooCommerce along with other information in the respective Etsy orders.

Custom Attributes Support

We’ve got you covered if you want to use different product information than what WooCommerce has made available. You can map the information you want to the existing attributes using the customization feature.

Free Version: Includes all functionality – 20 product upload limit and 10 order and inventory sync limit.

Pro-version license: Get the pro version of the Etsy plugin today and have your products synced between WooCommerce & Etsy regularly.


  • On-boarding Stage
  • Click on Connect to Authenticate to provide app permissions
  • Click on Allow Permissions on the Etsy permissions page
  • Create new shipping or select your existing shipping rules pulled from Etsy
  • Select your WooCommerce category & corresponding Etsy category. Then give name for feed file.
  • Go to Manage Feed and hover over the feed to click on the Upload link


Is there a free version available?

Yes! There is a free version of the plugin available that you can download and use without the license. But please do note that there is a limit on the number of products upload and inventory sync.

Are there any limitations in the free version?

Yes, there are a few limitations on the free version of the plugin. You will be limited to uploading only 20 products and 10 orders and inventory sync. To enjoy all the features of the plugin without any limitations you should upgrade your plugin to the pro version.

Why should I get the pro license?

With the pro license, you get the premium features of upload, real-time syncing, and order syncing for the time until your license is valid so that you do not have to keep worrying about the products overselling on either platform.

How long does it take to set up the plugin?

The plugin setup does not take more than a couple of minutes. You add the plugin to your site, activate it, and proceed with the Etsy connection, which will be complete within a couple of clicks.

How are the products uploaded to Etsy?

The products are uploaded to Etsy using the feed. You can easily create a data feed of your products by selecting the products you want to send to Etsy and the respective category to which the products are sent. Here’s one article that shows it clearly.

Can I filter the products that I want to send to Etsy?

Yes, there are two options for upload in the plugin. You can select the whole WooCommerce category or choose the individual products you want to upload.

How fast does the product sync take place?

Once you upload the products to Etsy with our plugin, the sync takes place in real-time. As soon as you update anything on WooCommerce, it instantly reflects on Etsy.

Are my orders from Etsy synced to WooCommerce?

Yes, any orders made on Etsy will be fetched and sent to your WooCommerce orders section so that you can keep track of all your sales in one place.

What kind of Shipping profiles do I need to send products to Etsy?

Etsy only allows third-party apps like ours to transfer products with fixed shipping profiles. So, you’ll need a fixed shipping profile on Etsy. Here’s how you can create that. After you create a fixed shipping profile on Etsy, that can easily be imported into our system, and you can start uploading the products.


2023(e)ko irailaren 18(a)
I have been using ExportFeed Pro plugin for a few weeks now and I have to say that plugin does work well and Customer Support staff is very friendly and helpful. I have around 2500 products that are all unique (no variations) and I needed to upload most of them into Etsy from my Woo Commerce Store. As many know, Etsy is picky and they want their rules strictly followed. Even though they say you can upload unlimited number if listings to Etsy daily- it's not really true. There is an API upload limit set by Etsy and you can upload a few hundred (around 300 give or take) in any 24 hour period. For some people it's more than enough, but for me with my 2500 listings- I needed more than a week to do that. I've encountered a few glitches on the way and had to ask for help and ExportFeed Support staff responded promptly each time. They did everything they could to help and make me happy. Not everything is up to them- you have to realize that. Companies like Etsy are very strict and want things done a certain way. Some small business owners do not understand that and at times want everything done right away, and then in case anything goes wrong or not to their liking- they blame plugin people. I have to admit, I felt like that a few times but I quickly caught myself doing just that and did my best to drop these emotions. Plugin works well. As long as you follow instructions properly and stay within a certain quantity of listings uploaded every 24 hours- you will get it done with the help of these guys. Listings get mapped properly (as long as you have your shop set up with listing categories before you start uploading). Listings end up as "draft" in your Etsy shop and then you can adjust prices, set them on automatic renewal or reniew manually, set or apply your return policies, edit them, etc and publish. Again, some patience is required if you have a lot of listings like me but ExportFeed guys are there for you. They are very responsive, professional and will do their best to help resolve any and all your issues (within their power of course:) . Overall- great plugin and nice people to work with! I have just inquired if these guys have other such plugins (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc). If they do- I will buy from them as well! Thank you so much!!!
2023(e)ko maiatzaren 30(a)
So I run a digital store, and was in a dire need of a plugin to sync my Etsy shop and my Woo store. I tried this plugin out and there were shipping issues, since Digital downloads don't ship, I did not have a shipping profile. so I needed help in setting up the plugin. I reached out to customer support on the website, and mind you, at this moment, I am only a free user trying this plugin out for the first time. The support was exceptional. They did all the hand holding and help me set up the plugin and now I can sync my products. I will be eternally grateful.
2023(e)ko maiatzaren 18(a)
Was having a small problem with installing the pro plugin but support responded very quickly and we worked out the issue in no time. I highly recommend their plugins.
2023(e)ko martxoaren 16(a)
The support team is amazing. I had some trouble sending products to Etsy initially but once I contacted their support. They were super fast to help me. 5 out of 5 star for their commitment and support.
2023(e)ko martxoaren 3(a)
I had a small setting issue for the plugin on my website and I contacted the plugin's team and received an immediate response. This plugin is fast, detailed and works perfectly. Thank you so much for your hard work !
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Aldaketen loga

5.4.0 2023/09/19

  • Feature Added: Support Calculated Shipping for Etsy
  • Update: Product Upload and Update Process
  • Update: Able to update the already uploaded listings for free plan

5.3.3 2023/09/07

  • Fix: WordPress notice and warnings
  • Fix: Updated Cron for product fetch

5.3.2 2023/09/06

  • Fix: WordPress notice and warnings

5.3.1 2023/09/06

  • Fix: Issue while selecting Categories for Etsy
  • Fix: UI/UX changes display the variations before uploading to Etsy
  • Fix: Product’s image upload process

5.3.0 2023/08/31

  • Fix: Error on uploading products
  • Fix: WooCommerce categories takes time to load
  • Fix: Validatation incase of missing value for Woo Categories, Etsy Categories, Shipping Profile Name, and Feed Name
  • Fix: Minor Changes in UI/UX related to feed upload process
  • Fix: Minor Changes in UI/UX related to shipping profile selection

5.2.4 2023/08/23

  • Update: Etsy connector url
  • Fix: Etsy account connection issue

5.2.3 2023/08/03

  • Fix: Etsy category selection issue

5.2.2 2023/07/26

  • Fix: Deprecated notice and php warnings
  • Fix: Feed Creation issue
  • Fix: Order Fetch issue

5.2.1 2023/07/11

  • Fix: Missing freemius files

5.2.0 2023/07/11

  • Added: Support upto php 8
  • Fix: Deprecated notice and php warnings
  • Fix: Order fetching

5.1.2 2023/06/13

  • Added: Secure Connection for Etsy-Connector URL

5.1.1 2023/05/23

  • Added: WordPress Support for Version 6.2.2

5.1.0 2023/05/08

  • Feature Added: Support Etsy Multiple Language while uploading and syncing
  • Fix: Issue with order remarks

5.0.6 2023/04/26

  • Fix: Etsy Shop disconnected frequently

5.0.5 2023/04/21

  • Fix: minor fix related to taxonomy_id

5.0.4 2023/04/19

  • Fix: Invalid function call
  • Fix: Site not performing well while updating the product
  • Updated: Necessary fields in etsy configuration settings

5.0.3 2023/04/06

  • Fix: Variation Price Sync issue

5.0.2 2023/04/06

  • Fix: Etsy token issue

5.0.1 2023/04/05

  • Fix: Etsy categories rendering problem
  • Fix: Etsy shop connection issue

5.0.0 2023/04/03

  • Add: Implementation of Etsy v3 api
  • Fix: Minimise time to fetch Etsy categories

4.0.3 2023/02/14

  • Update: Tax rate included in prices with advance command option
  • Update: Postcode added in order buyer shipping address

4.0.2 2023/01/02

  • Bugfix: Limit while creating feed in premium version removed

4.0.1 2022/12/36

  • Update: Plugin documentation updated

4.0.0 2022/12/20

  • Update: License handling from freemius.com

3.9.5 2022/10/31

  • Bugfix: Image not uploading issue

3.9.4 2022/10/11

  • Bugfix: Order timestamp not synced properly
  • Bugfix: Order sync not working from woo to etsy

3.9.3 2022/09/26

  • Bugfix: Woocommerce tax class overriding
  • Added dropdown to change woocommerce tax order label

3.9.2 2022/09/15

  • Bugfix: Order id search not working

3.9.1 2022/09/14

  • Bugfixes

3.9.0 2022/09/13

  • Added Etsy Order Tags
  • Added support for exclusive VAT orders

3.8.9 2022/08/29

  • Added: Added latest when_made from etsy
  • Updated: License expiry message

3.8.8 2022/08/18

  • Fix: Etsy Api Issue

3.8.7 2022/07/30

  • BugFix: Fatal Error issue

3.8.6 2022/07/29

  • BugFix: Order Sync issue
  • Feature Added: Database upgrade is introduced

3.8.5 2022/07/05

  • Fix: Fix compatibility issue

3.8.4 2022/07/04

  • Feature Added: Tax is synced in Woocommerce orders
  • Feature Added: Discount is synced in Woocommerce orders
  • Feature Added: Currency is synced in Woocommerce orders
  • Feature Added: Buyer’s note and Personalization message is synced in Woocommerce orders

3.8.3 2022/06/23

  • Add: Added option to turn off sync to WooCommerce’s Order page

3.8.2 2022/05/19

  • Add: Plugin’s order page synced with WooCommerce’s order page

3.8.1 2022/05/12

  • Add: Added Save button in categories modal

3.8.0 2022/04/27

  • Add: Shipping tempalate choose option while creating feed and UI upate of setting page

3.7.4 2022/04/26

  • Add: License information text on license info box in remaining page and design revamp of setting page

3.7.3 2022/04/20

  • Add: License information text on license info box

3.7.2 2022/03/16

  • Add: Updated categories list

3.7.1 2022/03/14

  • Add: Added UI components

3.7.0 2022/03/09

  • Add: PHP version 8 compatibility

3.6.1 2022/02/28

  • Remove: Removed unwanted UI components

3.6.0 2022/02/21

  • Add: Feature to update license key

3.5.4 2022/02/17

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.5.3 2022/02/15

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.5.2 2022/02/07

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.5.1 2022/02/02

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.5.0 2022/01/24

  • Fix: Order Feature Minor Bugfix

3.4.3 2022/01/11

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.4.2 2022/01/10

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.4.1 2021/12/29

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.4.0 2021/12/21

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.3.9 2021/12/13

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.3.8 2021/12/01

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.3.7 2021/11/26

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.3.6 2021/11/22

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.3.5 2021/11/19

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.3.4 2021/10/31

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.3.3 2021/09/30

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.3.2 2021/07/27

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.3.1 2021/07/13

  • Fix: Issues Fixes

3.3.0 2021/07/01

  • Update: Refactored plugin codes as per standard
  • Fix: Issues Fixes 2021/05/06

  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Add: 2020_2021 when made option added 2021/03/10

  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Update: Compatible with latest WP version 2021/02/18

  • Fix: Product aut update Minor Fix 2021/02/05

  • Fix: Variation auto update Minor Fix 2021/01/14

  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Update: In plugin description 2021/01/19

  • Fix: Variation Upload Minor Bugfix 2020/12/09

  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Update: Plugin compatible with latest WP 2020/11/18

  • Fix: Minor issues
  • Update: In plugin description 2020/09/03

  • Update: Plugin compatible with latest WP
  • Update: In plugin description

Version 2020/08/24

  • Fix: Minor UI fixes

Version 2020/08/18

  • Fix: Minor design fixes

Version 2020/08/18

  • Fix: Upload Issues

Version 2020/08/12

  • Fix: Upload Issues

Version 2020/07/13

  • Fix: Auto Upload
  • Fix: Inventory management

Version 2020/06/04

  • Fix: Etsy order not decreasing WooCommerce inventory fixed

Version 2020/05/11

  • Fix: Variation upload with language translation

Version 2020/05/08

  • Fix: Feed Auto Submission

Version 2020/04/21

  • Fixed: Handling Oauth Problem with Etsy Store

Version 2020/04/16

  • Fixed: Etsy upload handled for duplicate tags

Version 2020/04/15

  • Added: Etsy connection automatic flow added

Version 2020/04/09

  • Fix: Design issue fix

Version 2020/04/03

  • Fix: Etsy Order Page Error
  • Fix: Default Stock Quantity option working

Version 2020/03/05

  • Fix: Etsy Order Page Optimization

Version 2020/02/26

  • Fix: Product Auto update-hook fixes when the product are edited/Modified.
  • Fix: Image upload for the variation product.
  • Fix: Domain Validity fixes.

Version 2020/02/10

  • Fix: License validity code fixes.

Version 2020/01/30

  • Fix: License validity code optimized for reducing the server load.

Version 2020/01/14

  • Fix: Feed update problem fixed

Version 2020/01/09

  • Fix: Tested with the Latest version of WordPress
  • Fix: Simple error.

Version 2019/12/05

  • Fix: Changes on woo etsy listing

Version 2019/12/05

  • Add: Improved order sync
  • Fix: Known issues

Version 2019/11/08

  • Add: Single variation support(by merging multiple attributes)
  • Add: Individual variation price support
  • Add: Single attribute variation image support(merging multiple variation or just one attribute products)
  • Add: Price, Quantity, Title, Description real time update
  • Fix: Known issues

Version 2019/10/23

  • Add: Etsy variation profiling
  • Add: Etsy individual variation image

Version 2019/10/04

  • Add: Increased API limit.

Version 2019/09/20

  • Fix: Remove #(hash) from the tags while uploading.
  • Fix: Enable Tags to populate in custom feed file.

Version 28/08/2019

  • Add: Product Sync from etsy to local shop.
  • Add: Product update on etsy when updated in local.
  • Fix: Individual feed udpate.

Version 23/07/2019

  • Add: Default shop language selection while syncing products from Etsy.
  • Add: Etsy variation on property value made changable.
  • Add: Etsy API limit settings managed.
  • Add: User experience related minor issues and simple errors.

Version 10/07/2019

  • Add: Shipping Templates Creation.
  • Fix: Simple error.

Version 25/06/2019

  • Add: Order Inventory Sync on the basis of sku.
  • Add: Optional product attribute update.
  • Add: Auto update feed and listing on etsy.
  • Add: Stock managed from woo-commerce to etsy.
  • Fix: Simple error.

Version 14/05/2019

  • Fix: Variation upload.
  • Fix: Simple error.

Version 30/04/2019

  • Fix: Bug fix.

Version 19/04/2019

  • Add: Etsy listing feature optimized.
  • Add: Listing delete and make active from etsy upload page.
  • Fix: Simple error fix.

Version 18/03/2019

  • Add: Custom Feed Creation.
  • Add: Listing Re-upload and Resume Feature.
  • Fix: Simple error fix.

Version 18/03/2019

  • Add: Custom Feed Creation.
  • Add: Listing Re-upload and Resume Feature.
  • Fix: Simple error fix.

Version 26/02/2019

  • Add: Feed resolution in product and bulk level.
  • Add: Listing Re-upload Feature.
  • Add: Managed listing process.
  • Fix: Item listing duplication.
  • Fix: Simple error fix.

Version 26/11/2018

  • Add: Multiple Image Upload.
  • Add: Raw Feed Generation.
  • Fix: Item listing duplication.
  • Fix: Simple error fix.

Version 14/09/2018

  • Fix: UI changes for feed customization.
  • Fix: simple errors.

Version 2.1.0 27/06/2018

  • Add: Etsy variation listing support add as per allowed by Etsy api.
  • Add: Flexibility added for multiple product variation listing option.
  • Fix: UI changes for create feed page.
  • Fix: Design aspects of plugin interface.

Version 2.0.3 30/04/2018

  • Fix: Listing Specification fixed
  • Fix: Normal issues

Version 2.0.2 30/03/2018

  • Fix: Auto Feed Refresh cron issue
  • Fix: Normal issues

Version 2.0.1

  • Add : Feed Specification Changes

Version 2.0.0

  • Add : Support for Multiple Image Upload
  • Add : Support for Variation Listing

Version 1.2.8 05/01/2018

  • Fixes rule no variations issue.

Version 1.2.7 14/08/2017

  • Fix: Language not supported by Etsy shop fixed.
  • Fix: Upload Feed showing Server Error fixed.

Version 1.2.6 24/07/2017

  • Minor Patches Added: Clearer update messages.

Version 1.2.5 14/07/2017

  • Minor bug fixes: lisecense verfication failed fixed.

Version 1.2.4 12/07/2017

  • Added cron disable message.
  • Minor bug fixes: lisecense verfication failed fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes: loading of insecure files resolved.

Version 1.2.3 03/07/2017

  • Progress of feed upload improved.
  • Minor bug fixes: categories not showing bug fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes: get feed error resolved.

Version 1.2.2 14/06/2017

  • Report error fixed in progress.

Version 1.2.1 14/06/2017

  • Added new ui for upload listing progress.
  • Bug fixes: Image upload not working fixed.
  • Bug fixes: License activate not working fixed.

Version 1.2.0 19/05/2017

  • Added new shipping feature added.
  • WooCommerce 3.0 Comptible.
  • PHP 7.0 Compatible.
  • Added more bulk options.
  • Licesnse restriction added.

Version 1.0.7 17/03/2017

  • Progress indicator UI for Account setup.
  • Error resolved while upload.
  • Allowing tags, materials and currency to sumbitted on Etsy as attributes.
  • resolving conflict error with other plugins.
  • clearing out the confusing messages.

Version 1.0.6 28/02/2017

  • Configuration menu added.
  • Shop reconnect error fixed
  • Added feature like edit, change state and delete in listing page.
  • Image uploading error fixed
  • Listing information added for costs and fees.

Version 1.0.5 28/02/2017

  • delete option added for uploaded listing.
  • advanced command hidding error fixed.
  • product quantity 0 even set error fixed.

Version 1.0.4 28/02/2017

  • php errors in various pages resolved.

Version 1.0.3 28/02/2017

  • New shop setup interface introduced
  • uploading product error fixed
  • Error message while uploading feed shown in listing feed page.
  • 403 Error Code resolved.

Version 1.0.2 17/02/2017

  • Custom Feed removed
  • Upload from Product page removed
  • Feed Upload error fixed
  • Image Upload Error fixed

Version 1.0.1 04/11/2016

  • Added Credentials

Version 1.0 04/11/2016

  • First Release