Plugin hau ez da probatu WordPressen azken 3 bertsio garrantzitsuenekin. Baliteke, jada, mantentze edo euskarririk ez izatea, eta, WordPressen bertsio berriagoekin erabiltzen denean, bateragarritasun arazoak izan ditzake.

Extensions For All In One SEO Pack


Extensions of popular SEO plugin All In One SEO Pack. This plugin adds new features and modules to All In One SEO Pack plugin. You will see new modules in the module manager page. To use this plugin your website must have All In One SEO Pack plugin installed and activated.

How To Use

Go to dashboard and click Feature Manager submenu under All In One SEO Pack main menu. You will see new modules in that page. Activate new modules.

======== MODULES ========

Link counter

The Link counter module counts the internal or extrnal( outbound ) links in your posts. It consists of two counters: The first counter counts the number of links in your post and the second counter counts the number of links to your post.

Counting the number of internal text links in and to your post. It sounds really simple, but it’s extremely useful and actionable. These counters can be a huge help in improving the structure of your site. Read this article to know why and how link counter is useful.

  • Count all links in your post contents
  • Show 3 new columns to the posts list admin page.
  • Show the number of outgoing internal links in a post.
  • Show the number of outgoing external links in a post.
  • Show the number of other posts those have links to a perticular post.
  • Statistic of posts and links count.

To see the result of link counter activate this module from module manger page, Go to link counter admin page and run link counting process once by clicking the “Start Counting” button.

Useful Links

Show useful links for SEO tools in adminbar. It is very handy. When you visit your website you will see new links under the SEO menu in adminbar. These links will take you to variuos SEO tools with your current page url. See the list of tools name below.

  • Google Ads
  • Google Trends
  • Check links to this URL
  • Check Keyphrase Density
  • Check Google Cache
  • Check Headers
  • Google Structured Data Test
  • Facebook Debugger
  • Pinterest Rich Pins Validator
  • HTML Validator
  • CSS Validator
  • Google Page Speed Test
  • Mobile-Friendly Test

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  • New Modules in Module Manger Page
  • New columns in post list page
  • Link counter admin page


Modern Way:

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  2. Search For “Extensions For All In One SEO Pack”.
  3. Install, then Activate it.

Old Way:

  1. Upload the extensions-for-all-in-one-seo-pack folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


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“Extensions For All In One SEO Pack” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Aldaketen loga

1.1.0 – October 05, 2019

  • New Module : Useful Links – Show useful links for SEO tools in adminbar.

1.0.0 – October 02, 2019

  • Initial release with ‘link counter’ module.