Firmafy eSignature


Your clients will be able to sign any document through a form that you insert in your website with WordPress.

And the signed document will have full legal validity.

Firmafy is an advanced electronic signature system that collects 6 evicendes to guarantee the signatory identity and the signed document validity.

The document is generated as a result of the data inserted by your clients in your WordPress form.

Firmafy connects with the most popular and reliable WordPress form plugins:

And it can be also connected with your WooCommerce.

How does the Firmafy plugin work?

  1. Create an account on Firmafy.
  2. Download your Firmafy plugin and connect it with Contact Form or Gravity Form.
  3. Create a template with Firmafy with the document you need to have signed.
  4. Create a form with Contact Form or Gravity Form and publish it on your website. And ready to work!

Once your client fills out the form, a document will be generated with their data on it. That document will arrive ready to be signed straight away to their email.

The signature process will start as soon as your client clics on the email link.

Both of you will receive an email with the signed document copy. That signature will have a full legal validity.

Please, watch this video with to know what’s Firmafy:

And watch this video with the step by step to step for the setup:

Firmafy use examples:

Does you client need to sign a direct debit document? You can create a direct debit template with Firmafy and getting it signed automatically in your WordPress, without doing anything.

Do you sell an expensive product like machinery or houses? Would you like to close that sale with a signed contract? Your client only has to complete a data form in your website and the contract signature will starts inmediatly.

Does your client sign an informed consent, a data protection document or an insurance policy?

All this and much more can be signed online in a simple and legal way with Firmafy.

Firmafy has a free trial plan. Download our plugin and try it!


Official Repository GitHub




Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your
WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


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