Plugin hau 2023(e)ko abuztuaren 12(a) (e)tik itxita dago, eta ez dago deskargatzeko eskuragarri. Itxiera behin betikoa da.


2023(e)ko uztailaren 31(a)
This is 99% of what I was after to deal with multiple template image sizes without creating thousands of useless images. Thank you very much for creating this plugin!
2023(e)ko apirilaren 28(a)
I've been using this plugin for about 2 years now and it's really great. Don't have any complaints so far. Great work and thanks!
2020(e)ko apirilaren 24(a)
One of my "go to" plugins for just about any site - straightforward and does the job well. One modification that I have made is so that you can specify just the height OR width and are not required to specify both.
2020(e)ko martxoaren 27(a)
Amazing plugin, and it hits the nail on the head as far as how WP should approach images. This plugin would benefit from some other image processing options - but overall, incredible work.
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