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followthis topic box


The followthis topic box helps you raise traffic + revenue

The plugin helps you gaining frequent readers for your website. Users follow topics on your page with only 1 klick and will be allerted frequently if you do have new content for that topic. Your readers then frequently receive an email journal with short teaser which directly lead to your page.

Users find the followthis plugin on many websites and follow without a new registration, only a facebook login is needed

You just need to activate the plugin, fill out your publisher profile and the followthis topic box appears beneath your blog posts. (Topics will be extracted by the plugin automatically from your post or taken from your meta keywords / tags / categories. The new articles will be send to your user automatically.)

The plugin helps you to:

  • raise revenue by increasing traffic
  • gain users coming back to your page frequently
  • get insights about topics your visitors like

Additional benefits:

  • in case you don’t use keywords in your posts: the plugin works as a Meta Keywords Generator and automatically suggests meta keywords by analyzing your posts
  • Our plugin also adds Facebook Open Graph+ information to your posts for improved Google Search results / ranking and sharing on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and other social websites.

These are the reasons visitors use the followthis topic box instead of rss or standard newsletter:

  • (un)following is done by 1klick only
  • users decide how often they receive the articles/news
  • users choose the way they receive the news (e.g. online, mobile, via social networks, etc.)
  • all news teasers are delivered in 1 journal only
  • only relevant content (on topic base) is delivered
  • all news can be paused with 1klick also, no opt-out on several pages or newsletters has to be done


  • followthis box
  • your publisher profile on followthis


Best way is to install the WordPress Plugin via the plugin panel in your dashboard.

Otherwise extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

If a manual installation (pure html code, no WP plugin) is required, please contact us as we then will activate you as a publisher manually.


Do I get new readers through followthis?

This is the main purpose of followthis. We want you to gain new readers that stay your readers. Lets say a user choses randomly topics of interest to them on If one of your articles hits such a topic, the user will get to know about you in his journal and comes to your website to find out more.

How does the followthis topic box work?

You embed the followhis topic box in your website. Usually this does not take longer then 3 minutes. Within the topics of your article are automatically summed up. With one klick on these specific topics the reader „follows“ this theme now. If you write another article with one or more of this topics the followthis user will get the link to your website delivered in his journal. When he klicks on that link he will be guided to your website again.

What advantages do I get?

You gain totally new readers and subscribers. How does that work? New readers, who have never heard of your website or your blog before („outside of their box“) will see your website recommended in their journal. This will only happen if their chosen topics are alike the topics on your page or your articles or blogsposts. By choosing their topics they set an anchor on your page and will not only come in once, but keep coming back if the topics will match again.

What to look for in the installation process?

The installation is pretty simple. It is usually done in a couple of minutes. You can either download the complete WordPress Plugin or you get the HTML Code from us. In this case, just ask us, we are happy to help you with that. As soon as we provide Plugins for further content management systems we will let you know.

What is the difference to an RSS feed?

RSS usually delivers all and every article of a website after subscribing to the RSS feed on that site. This often leads to ignoring most of the following updates, because only a part of them are really interesting for the reader. Followthis goes deeper than that and allows the user to subscribe to specific topics.

I have a newsletter already, why do I need followthis?

Followthis is an additional way to gain users and readers to your website and to open a new way for them for coming back. It is a comprehensive system which users use only with one klick. So if a user chose to follow a specific topic on another website he will possibly get to know your website too, if you write about similar stuff. Besides newsletter and RSS it completes your ways of being „magnetic“ to new users.

Why don’t all keywords show up in the topic box?

The topics in the topic box are ususally generated from the referenced keywords. If there are not keywords, the most common topics from the text will be filtered. They will be balanced with the keywords in followthis to show the user the best topic match.

How do the readers receive my articles?

If an article from you meets the chosen topics of an user, your article will automatically be teasered to our users in their daily or weekly journal with a short description and a link to your website. We want the user to read the article on your website, so he have to klick the link to come to your website to read the whole news.

How to deactivate the plugin?

You can deactivate the followthis topic box for single articles just by using the checkbox in your editor. But you can also deactivate the complete plugin at any time. This means no more posts from you will be delivered to your readers.

Can I use followthis for other blogs?

Yes. You can embed followthis on as many websites as you want. To help the readers to subscribe to your different websites you just get different profiles on followthis.

Does followthis only work with blog posts or with static websites as well?

The wordpress Plugin was designed for blogs and posts. But it’s easy to embedd the HTML Code manually for other templates as well. Just contact us, we will be happy to help.

Other questions? More screenshots?

Please visit our page for publisher


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Aldaketen loga

1.2.0 | 25.03.2014

  • [Bugfix] js caching issue fixed
  • Description updated
  • Tests added
  • Registration process updated / simplified a lot
  • Tag recognation by post added
  • further bug fixes

1.1.2 | 09.12.2013

  • [Feature] Spanish translation added
  • [Feature] Catalan translation added
  • [Bugfix] Some minor bugfixes

1.1.1 | 30.10.2013

  • [Bugfix] PHP 5.2.17 compatibility issue

1.1.0 | 30.10.2013

  • General refactoring
  • [Feature] German translation added
  • [Feature] Simplified registration/ verification process
  • [Feature] Open Graph protocol markup for posts
  • [Bugfix] verification process fixed

1.0.2 | 04.04.2013

  • [Feature] adding default keywords to ft_keywords-meta if post is not tagged
  • [Bugfix] fixed a bug where the post content is not loaded for generating the automated keywords

1.0.1 | 03.04.2013

  • [Bugfix] fixed some path issues

1.0 | 20.03.2013

  • initial version