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To make your WordPress website a beautiful, and elegant look, just upload your favorite custom font or select Google fonts from our 800+ Google fonts collection. Your uploaded and selected fonts can be applied to HTML elements and headings and titles without any CSS knowledge. You can select Google fonts and store them on your own server.
Enhance the visual appeal and user experience of your WordPress website with our Fonts Manager | Custom Fonts plugin.
With our plugin, you can effortlessly customize the typography of your website, allowing you to choose from a wide range of stunning fonts to match your brand identity. Boost your website’s aesthetics, readability, and overall design by seamlessly integrating unique fonts that reflect your style. Our plugin is easy to install and offers extensive font management options, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Improve your website’s SEO by leveraging our SEO-friendly Fonts Manager | Custom Fonts plugin, which optimizes font loading and ensures fast page load times. Elevate your web design and create a memorable impression with our responsive, accessible, and user-friendly custom font plugin. With this plugin, you can easily integrate and customize fonts without the need for extensive coding or web development skills.You can define your own class to apply custom fonts.Here no limit to uploading and adding custom fonts.Also you can apply your favourite color to your HTML tags by ‘color settings’ menu.In our Google Fonts menu section, more than 800 Google fonts are available for changing the fonts of your WordPress website.Your selected all fonts are stored in your own server, so our Fonts Manager | Custom Fonts plugin is GDPR compliant.


  • No any limit for uploading custom fonts and also not for font assignment.
  • 800 + Google fonts plus 10 local fonts are available for font selection.
  • All popular fonts are available in our font collection.
  • Very quick and easy to use and very very simple to use.
  • WordPress Editor, Gutenberg Editor,tinyMCE editor support.
  • Add and delete custom font functionality. Uploaded fonts can change anytime for assignment.
  • Multiple custom fonts can be used.
  • Added 3 font types in @font-face property to display font in all major browsers.
  • Faster load time because your custom fonts are stored on your own server.
  • Uploaded fonts are used by @font-face css, So it is SEO friendly and quick loading.
  • Accepts custom font file upto 10 MB.
  • Applied custom fonts can directly view in the admin and frontend side.
  • No need for any API key to use this plugin. You can directly use this plugin without any formalities.
  • Host Google Fonts Locally.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Assigned fonts can be unassigned.
  • Heading, title, and HTML elements are supported for assigning custom fonts.
  • Supports major editors and themes.
  • Font Switching: The ability to easily switch between different fonts or font combinations without modifying the wordpress website’s code.
  • Font Color: You can set your all desired color to your HTML tags.No required to upload any custom fonts you can directly apply your custom color to HTML tags.

How does it work?

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. If you want to upload your custom font than ‘ttf’,’woff’,’woff2′ font formats files are compulsory.But you can also choose Google fonts (More than 800 Google fonts in our collection) from our Google Fonts menu section.
  3. Your uploaded fonts (Either by your custom fonts files or selected from our Google Fonts menu section) can be assigned to Headings, titles, and HTML elements.
  4. The assigned font will apply to selected elements, titles, and headings.
  5. Also uploaded font will appear in the WordPress TinyMCE editor too.
  6. You can view your custom-assigned font in given elements and heading and title.
  7. You can directly change the HTML tags’ color through the ‘Color Settings’ menu.

How to use plugin video


  • Upload Fonts
  • Google Fonts
  • Assign Fonts
  • Color Setting
  • Local Fonts
  • Google Font Select Menu


Is the Fonts Manager | Custom Fonts Plugin free to use?

Yes, Fonts Manager | Custom Fonts is completely free to use.

Which font format does plugin accepts ?

Currently,ttf,woff,woff2 are compulsory format if you want to upload custom font.Otherwise you can directly select google fonts which are given in our Google fonts menu section.

From where can i get the font files ?

You can download font files from the internet via google fonts and also some provide free fonts and also for commercial use. So you can download and use it on your wordpress website.

Can apply multiple fonts?

Yes, you can apply multiple fonts as per custom font-wise selected HTML elements Headings, and titles.

Do i need to manually convert fonts ?

Here, need three types of font formats ‘ttf’,’woff’,’woff2′ for your custom font.So if you have only one font format file among these font formats then you need to convert it into another format type.And that is very easy.You can convert font file format via the internet.Many website provides online font file converter.

Where are my fonts stored ?

All the fonts are stored on your own server. It is stored in wp-content/uploads/fontsplugincustomfonts folder. Also if you select Google fonts from in our Google fonts menu section then are stored in the same path (wp-content/uploads/fontsplugincustomfonts folder).

Does it affect website performance?

No, Because all custom fonts are stored in your own server so not dependent on any other server so fonts are load faster.

Why should you use our plugin?

Using our plugin enables you to differentiate your website’s design by selecting unique fonts that align with your brand identity. It enhances the visual appeal of your content, improves readability, and can make your website more memorable to visitors. Also, you can directly select 800+ Google fonts from our Google Fonts menu section. And we will add more functionalities in the future which can help to increase your site visitors.

Can apply my custom color?

Yes, you can apply your favorite custom color to directly HTML tags in ‘Color Settings’ menu.


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  • Added functionality for setting and changing the font color.
  • Added a separate menu ‘Color Setting’ for setting and changing the font color as per HTML tags.


  • Added functionality for users can select directly 800 + Google fonts from the Google Fonts menu section.

  • Added functionality for selected Google fonts will be stored in the user’s own server.