Vuukle Comments, Reactions, Share Bar, Revenue


Vuukle is not just a comments platform, we are a fully featured user
engagement platform. Our goal is to make engagement and user
retention easier. Good engagement can help increase time spent by
users that leads to decrease in bounce rate which translates to better
revenues. Vuukle with its diverse portfolio of products can help you
achieve your goals.
We help:
Increase time spent on site
Increase page views per session
Generate new engagement numbers
Reduce bounce rate.
A real dream right? Explore our products & features!

* Commenting
* Reactions
* Share bar
* Real-time
* Re-circulation
* Monetisation


  • Our products are fully responsive on both mobile and desktop including
  • OUR USP: get started in under 5 minutes
  • Design: We are a fully responsive platform with robust integration
  • Speed: All our products together will load under 500ms on your pages. We are the fastest platform.
  • Weight: 100kb, we are the lightest platform
  • Variety: You can choose one or more products from our suite of
  • Installation: Our products are very easy to Install, takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Customization: All our products can be fully and easily customized to your requirement.
  • Data Privacy: We do not sell any user data to any third parties.


  • Design: Beautiful and clean design.
  • Customization: Fonts, space, colors, themes, icons and headings all can be customized.
  • Implementation: Can be placed anywhere on the page in less than a minute.
  • Device support: Supports all devices including AMP and APPS
  • Newsfeed: Popular as “TALK OF THE TOWN”, our proprietary news
    feed has generated some of the the best CTRs for publishers in the
    industry. The numbers can amaze you. We show trending stories from
    your own site to re-circulate users back on your pages driving more
    page views and increasing time spent and engagement.
  • User Profiles: User profiles are generated automatically
    Comment import: Import your old comments to Vuukle from any platform anytime.
  • Media Sharing: Elaborate Rich text editor with GIFs, Image support,
    editing and hyperlinking of comments.
  • Comment-Moderation: Auto moderation of comments for spam, hate speech, foul language, advertisements available. Auto-moderation can be switched on/off.
  • Easy moderation features for comment moderation by moderators on website.
  • Auto-moderation of GIFs and Images is also available, you have a choice to turn on/off.
  • Automatic Registration: SSO support is available
  • Login: Login through various social platforms available
    Comment threads: Like, share, Flagging of comments by users
  • Language Support: We supports 35 Languages.
  • SEO: We provide you with SEO support.


We believe that users have an emotional sentiment towards the content
they see or read. For users who are not invested enough to articulate
comments and do not always like to engage in discussions can now
leave their valuable feedback about the articles they read without having
to log in, with a simple click of a button by engaging with the cool dudes
on the Reaction Bar.

To Summarize
* Speed: Extremely light and fast abd does not affect page load speed.
* Integration: Simple to use, Easy to integrate. Can be placed any where
on the page
*Engagement: One-click engagement
*Captures user actions and
sentiments that would otherwise be missed.
*Amazing CTRs are generated from this solution
*Social media ecosystem right on your webpage.
*Customization: You can create your own reactions. Increase or
decrease size and number of reactions you want to display
*Re-circulation: we aim to increase the time spent on page as we help
re-circulate the user by showing internal recommendations which pop up
only on click. Recommendations appear only from with in the website.
You can easily turn them on/off.


Vuukle offers a unique and visually interactive sharing tool called the
PowerBar. We call it the PowerBar because it is beautifully simple and
amazingly attractive.
Vuukle’s PowerBar loads faster, does not sell any user data, provides
robust integration with the comments and gives you the ability to show
all types of user engagement related information without putting any
load on your servers but instead uses its own to reduce that extra load
on your pages by fetching all necessary counts in one simple request.
To Summarize:
* Speed: loads extremely fast.
* Customization: Create your own Power bar from our easy builder page.
* Manage size and appearance.
* Placement: Can be placed horizontally, Vertically or as a Floating
bubble running along the page on Mobile.
* Light weight: No load on your servers, we fetch share icons in one go
on our end.
So go ahead and display our stylish and visually
interactive Power bar with share counts without worrying about weight,
cost, user data privacy and load time on your page.


  • Screenshot of the comment section
  • How reactions look
  • Our analytics dashboard


Installation Through WordPress

  1. Navigate to “Plugins” then “Add New” on your wp-admin sidebar.
  2. Search for “Vuukle”
  3. Install and Activate
  4. Go to “Settings” then “Vuukle” on your sidebar again

Installation Through FTP

  1. Download our plugin from this page
  2. Unzip and upload the folder to /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Now go to your WordPress dashboard on /wp-admin/
  4. Click on “Plugins” and then “Installed Plugins” on the sidebar
  5. Activate Vuukle plugin
  6. Go to “Settings” then “Vuukle” on your sidebar again

On Vuukle settings you can also customize appearance if you need.

If you have any questions about the process or got any errors, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at


What is the cost?

Vuukle is free to use on small or personal sites and blogs. We monetize the comments section by a single ad unit and share revenue with you.

How to import my existing comments?

Please visit our settings page inside your WP Admin. You will see a “download” button. Click the download button and send it to our support email and we will import your comments within 48-72 hours.

Where do I login to moderate comments?

Please visit our dashboard or check our guide here

I don’t remember my Vuukle login email, what should I do?

Please send an email to our support address and we will help you locate your account details.


2022(e)ko martxoaren 4(a)
This plugin takes admin's information (email) as soon as it is activated on the site, without any user's consent. It immediately sends you an email and even the Unsubscribe button in it doesn't seem to work. GDPR, anyone? It's 2022.
2021(e)ko ekainaren 26(a) 4 replies
It's an okay widget, I just wish it was more versatile. I find it limiting. I wish they had the date comments were made instead of saying... 8 days ago. Sometimes it's hard to sign into.
2021(e)ko apirilaren 3(a) 1 reply
I reported the problem I was experiencing by e-mail. They fixed the problem the same day. Moreover, I use it for free. It's a nice plugin.
2020(e)ko maiatzaren 15(a) 1 reply
I have been having difficulty in logging in, everytime it says you have been logged in and if this window doesn't close please close it and there starts the struggle and i leave it frustrated. Why doesn't it remember me on that site? Why am I asked everytime to login? Discuss is better it remembers me.
2019(e)ko uztailaren 4(a) 1 reply
I think Vuukle is really nice but I think it'd be better if there was a section were visitors can put in their website URLs. Also I think it'd be nice if they could click on "talk of the town" posts and be directed to the posts in question instead of meeting an "error" page. But in all, it's a nice plugin.
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  • Update the way platform.js is inserted into the page to reduce platform.js initialization delay


  • Change the way the post information is obtained to fix an issue where the plugin would sometimes get the wrong post information


  • Fix widget moving logic which was causing the widgets to not work after they’ve been moved to a different location


  • Added web push notifications functionality


  • Removed public js
  • Set track page views option as “on” by default


  • Added native comments section hide logic


  • Added new amp section


  • Fixed amp related bug


  • Changed conditions to hide native comments


  • Issue with Zox theme is solved


  • Tracking option homepage bug fixed


  • Major Bug fixing
  • Added upgrader event action


  • Bug fixing


  • Full plugin refactoring


  • Fixed session_start issue from the Site health checker


  • Activated support for AMP


  • “Non article pages” option fixed


  • Fixed bugs


  • Default Api key fetching issue solved
  • Fixed bugs


  • Fixed share widget vertical positioning issue
  • Changed comments download experience
  • Added back custom css for share widget bar
  • Security update
  • Sources refactored
  • Full bug fixing