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Guteblock – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks Plugin


Guteblock: The most extensive block collection explicitly made for Gutenberg (the brand-new WordPress Block Editor). To provide the users a smooth page building experience Guteblock adds essential custom blocks to Gutenberg’s arsenal. Building a perfect website and creating a landing page in your own way according to your requirement gets easier with Guteblock as it brings a suite of high-quality blocks for page building.

This is our first ever launch and rapid developments are on its way. In case of bugs encountered if any, please add the same into the support section in WordPress plugin repository to get it fixed. As soon as the bug gets fixed, we will be releasing the update.

Guteblock gives you:

  • 21 creative Building Blocks for Gutenberg to design and customize your pages as per your needs.
  • Unique styles available for blocks.
  • Amazing customization features.
  • Exclusive container block for Team Members, which permits the users to rearrange the team members.
  • More control over Drop Cap block. Now, it is possible to change the font size and color.

Guteblock Blocks

  • Team Members Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Container Block
  • Post Grid Block
  • Separator Block
  • Number Box Block
  • Drop Cap Block
  • Notification
  • CTA
  • Author Profile
  • Sharing Icons
  • Spacer and Divider Block
  • Icon List
  • Blockquote
  • Button
  • Feature Grid
  • Accordion
  • Count Up
  • Newsletter
  • Cards
  • Inline Notice

Guteblock Coming Soon

  • Advanced Columns
  • Google Maps
  • Custom Header
  • Image Box
  • Pricing Table
  • Video Box
  • Video Popup


  • Author Profile
  • Post Grid
  • Spacer and Divider
  • Share Icons
  • Notifications
  • Team Members Block
  • Team Members Block – Different Styles
  • Drop Cap
  • Separator
  • Testimonials


Minimum Requirements

You’ll need WordPress version 5.0 or higher for this to work.


What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a brand-new editor for the WordPress platform. It will radically change the way you create posts, pages, products, and just about everything else on your site.

How to install Gutenberg?

You can download the latest version of Gutenberg from the WordPress repository or by searching for it within your WordPress dashboard under “Add New” plugins.

What are these blocks?

Blocks are the new shortcodes in WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg. They’re the fundamental components that you add into your content to fabricate your pages, like buttons, cards, videos, and so on. Guteblock gives you blocks to create outstanding landing and front pages.

Can we use Guteblock with other block plugins?

Definitely! You can use Guteblock with other block plugins.


2020(e)ko apirilaren 7(a)
Have been using the plugin for few months now and it seems to be pretty good plugin for gutenberg lovers. Just like a powerpack for gutenberg. Hope such plugins will become part of core soon. Kudos to the swift support by the developers. Such support keeps community live.
2020(e)ko urtarrilaren 13(a) 1 reply
As a WP developer, I spend lot of time on div and css. Now Guteblock is really helping me to finish the works on time with perfection and cross-device compatibility. They do have all the important modules a WP website needed. Even a person without knowing codes can build beautiful websites. Highly recommended.
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  • Inline Notice
  • Other Bug Fixes


  • Post Grid Block updates


  • Bug Fixes


Added error notification in websites with WordPress version less than 5.0


  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes


  • New: Card Block
  • New: Newsletter Block


  • New: Count Up Block
  • New: Accordion Block


  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes


  • New: Button Block
  • New: Feature Grid


  • New: Icon List Block
  • New: Blockquote Block
  • Edit: Accordion Block
  • Other improvements
  • Added transformation on the drop cap block


  • Bug Fixes


  • New: Social Sharing Block
  • New: Spacer and Divider Block
  • Edit: Notification Block
  • Edit: Post Grid Block


  • New: Author Profile Block
  • New: Call To Action Block


  • New: Notification Block


  • Bug Fixes


  • New: Team Member Block
  • New: Testimonial Block
  • New: Container Block
  • New: Post Grid Block
  • New: Separator Block
  • New: Number Box Block
  • New: Drop Cap Block