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Image Gallery and comments


image gallery comment plugin provide ajax comment of each image in wordpress.

image gallery comment through 2.9.1, MSIE 8, Firefox 4,Google Chrome and Safari 3.


  • Demo link – demo


  • screenshot-1.png


1.Upload Plugin folder “gallerycomment” to your wordpress plugin folder
2.Goto Admin Click On plugin and activate The Image gallery Comment plugin

3.In admin Panel Setting > media

3a.Put Thumbnail size is 90 X 60

3b.Put Large size is 600 X 400

Note:if you want to Increase the Thumbnail Size,You must to chnage the css ,CSS file locate on plugin folder.

4.Create One Page from admin “Page-> add New”

5.Edit the page and do the reaming operation

5.Mouse over on edit button you will see the Page Id which you Create Right Now. Suppose Page Id is 30.

6.Go to page Description Editor HTML tab and paste code [gallery_comment id=”30″]. on Add media icon which is placed above the description field -> select files -> upload -> fill up the all information and click on save all.Don’t click on Insert post button.Close The media upload window.

8.Publish the page.

Note:Best View if you upload multiple file and attach with Particular page [page id 30]


Q. I can’t Showing the gallery on Front end.

A. Create One page[gallery],[gallery_comment id=”30″] put the content on description field.30 is the page id.means all image attachment of this page id will show on this gallery.

Q. Can I Increase the image Gallery?

A. Sure, You must chnage of css located on plugin->css folder.


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