Imageshop DAM Connector


Imageshop is a cloud-based [ Digital Asset Management system] (image bank /DAM system) that makes it easier than ever to organize, search, share and use your digital files, internally and with the outside world and partners.

Drag & drop uploading and ultra-efficient image tagging enable your files are always available in the DAM system when and where they are needed, in the right format and the best quality. Read more about Imageshop here:


Can I use this plugin with multisite?

The plugin will let you add it to any multisite, but each individual site will need to do their own configuration.

What if I no longer wish to use Imageshop for my files?

If you at any point wish to stop using Imageshop for your files, you can export any files that have been used in content on your site to your local media library again, before deactivating the plugin.

I have an idea for an improvement or enhancement

We welcome both suggestions, discussions, and code! Check out the project source at


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Aldaketen loga

0.0.8 (2023-02-21)

  • Added backwards compatibility check when generating preloaded_url links for psotmeta.
  • Added fallback handler for generating srcset when attachment_id is passed as 0 when called outside the main loop.

0.0.7 (2023-01-31)

  • Added fallback handling if an API key is changed, to allow old images to render still.
  • Added alternative to manually change the Imageshop lookup language when filtering media results.
  • Added translation wrappers for labels used within the media modal.
  • Improved the API settings screen to flush data when an existing API key is modified.
  • Improved handling of site languages to determine default Imageshop lookup languages.

0.0.6 (2022-12-05)

  • Initial release