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Inline Click To Tweet


The Inline Click to Tweet plugin allows post authors to highlight text content from the visual editor, and make it tweetable by click within the post or page.

How To Use

The plugin will add a button to the Visual Editor – just highlight the text you want tweetable, and click the twitter icon in the editor’s toolbar. You will be shown some customization options, and once you hit ‘OK’ a shortcode will be wrapped around the selected content. You will need to view or preview the post to see the styles applied.


  • Use the default twitter-branded styles, choose your own brand color, or completely customize with CSS.
  • URL shortening through – more room for tweet content!
  • Automatically truncates tweets to fit within Twitter’s 140 character limit.
  • Attribute tweets to any handle (ex: via @yourhandle).

Inline Click To Tweet was built by Magnetic Creative


  • The plugin’s main settings panel.
  • A button will be added to the visual editor after the plugin is activated.


To manually install:

  1. Download the plugin .zip package
  2. Inside the WordPress admin, go to Plugins->Add New
  3. Click the “Upload Plugin” button in the upper-left corner
  4. Choose the plugin .zip package and click “Install Now”
  5. Once activated, the settings can be found under Settings->Inline Click to Tweet


Can I customize the look of tweetable content?

The default tweet styling uses twitter’s own brand color and aims to be subtle but easily recognizeable. There is a color picker in the main settings panel that will let you override this with a color you select.

If you would like to style the tweetable content yourself with CSS, we have included an admin option which disables the default stylesheet. This will allow you total control without having to battle with CSS specificity.


2016(e)ko irailaren 3(a)
The plugin is fairly intuitive and works as expected, like that the feature/option set is limited to the necessities. A good feature idea for future releases – shortcode content could be styled in the visual editor, and toggled on and off so you don’t have to go in and delete shortcode tags.
2016(e)ko irailaren 3(a)
Love the ability to add custom twitter handle and hasthags through the inline editor. Our content is being shared so much more now that we’ve started implementing the Click to Tweet functionality to our posts. The link shortening is a great feature as well. Keep up the good work!
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