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  • Slider Carousel Insert a slider carousel to display Google Drive photos, videos, and documents.
  • Module Shortcodes Insert pre-built module's shortcode
  • Insert View Links Insert links to view the files in Google Drive
  • Embed Documents Embed Google Drive documents to your page/ post
  • File Browser Insert a file browser to browse specific Google Drive files and folders
  • Insert Download Links Insert links to download Google Drive files.
  • File Search Insert a search box to search files and folders in specific Google Drive folders
  • File Uploader Insert a file uploader to upload files to a specific Google Drive folder.
  • Gallery Insert a masonry grid gallery with lightbox preview to display Google Drive images and videos.
  • Media Player Insert a media player to play specific Google Drive Audio and Video files.


2024(e)ko apirilaren 10(a)
The best Google Drive integration plugin on the market! The support team's lightning-fast and efficient assistance truly sets it apart. Their quick response time and effective solutions make any issue a breeze to resolve. If you're looking for seamless integration with Google Drive, this plugin is the best.
2024(e)ko apirilaren 3(a)
Plugin never worked and support was unhelpful. Met all requirements of their refund policy. After multiple requests for a refund they ignore my requests and the support ticket was removed. Buyer beware.
2024(e)ko otsailaren 7(a)
Trying to solve the problem of putting some files for logged in users, but in a way that the user couldn't print neither download the PDF file, I've found this great solution to implement this and a lot more of useful solutions to manage files by the admins/editors and even the users/subscribers!Thank you very much for your work and effort.Kind regards. Juanjo - Crealogic Digital
2024(e)ko otsailaren 1(a) 2 replies
The developer of this plugin does everything right. Excellent support and an excellent plugin. So you enjoy using it and are also willing to buy a PRO version because of the added value. I can only recommend it to everyone.
2024(e)ko urtarrilaren 31(a)
No-fuss, low overhead, easy to use, seems well-coded – a reliable bridge between GDrive and WooCommerce for those who don't want to clog their media library with large downloadable files. Thank you!
2024(e)ko urtarrilaren 13(a)
Nice interface, easy to use and integrates perfectly! It provided me with the perfect solution for a project I am working on.
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