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Intellispire Thrive Shortcodes


This shortcode plugin was build for a site running Easy Digital Downloads where I wanted to list the downloads tags and
categories in the footer, but have it styled just like the theme. I also realized it would be easy to add
a menu, so that capability was added as well.

This plugin adds a dynamic list element shortcode that can use any menu or taxonomy as input, and outputs an unordered list
to your site. Based on the the thrive_dynamic_list, the output will be styled based on your theme’s
settings if you have the Thrive Theme Builder installed. Otherwise, you can use css using the
‘intellispire-shortcode-dynamic-list’ class to style the element.

This plugin works best when Thrive Themes Shapeshift theme is installed, however the theme is not required to
use the plugin.

Currently, one shortcode is supplied:


And has the following attributes:
– type: tags categories, or menu
– number: the number of items to display (5 by default)
– taxonomy: for tags or categories, you can specify the taxonomy


Display the Downloads tags from Easy Digital Downloads:
[intellispire_thrive_dynamic_list type=”tags” number=”5″ taxonomy=”download_tag”]

Display the items from Menu 1:
[intellispire_thrive_dynamic_list type=”menu” menu=”Menu 1″]


  • Using the shortcode in a "text" field on the footer of the the Thrive Themes ShapeShift theme.

  • The front-end of the site, where the shortcode is rendered.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/intellispire-thrive-shortcodes directory, or install the
    plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Add the shortcode to the content you’d like to use


Why should I use this shortcode?

To display any taxonomy (tags or categories) or list of menu links anyplace on your site where shortcodes are allowed.

Is the Thrive Themes Shapeshift theme required to use this plugin?

No, Thrive is not required – it is only used for styling. Without it, default unordered list is used that can be
styled with custom css if you so choose.


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  • Initial release.