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Juxtapose Images


This plugin let you juxtapose 2 images with a slider that can be moved to show one image or the other.

With Juxtapose Images you can create beautiful effects like showing a picture in the past and compare with nowadays, or
a night/day contrast, a before and after view, etc…

Very easy to use, just use the [juxtapose]..[/juxtapose] shortcode, adding 2 images in between the shortcode. No configuration needed. Very little overhead in the loading speed. Only a small javascript and css is added when needed.


  1. Install the plugin via the WordPress Plugins Screen or upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/juxtapose directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Browse Settings->Juxtapose Images in your admin area for and explanation.


Where can I show sliders

Currently in any place where you can use a wordpress shortcode. Basically post and pages.

Is my wordpress going to be slower when using this plugin

No. There are no SQL queries or big processing. Just a small code that adapt the html output and adds a small javascript and css.
It only includes javascript and css when needed (When there is a slider in the current post). The code is only
executed when you use a shortcode, so your other posts that doesn’t include a slider will not be affected in any way.

What wordpress versions are supported

We started developing the plugin with wordpress 4.4, but almost any version that can handle shorcodes should work.

Is this plugin easy to use?

Absolutely yes. Just use a shortcode in your post or pages. No admin, no configuration

Can I customize the look and feel or functionalities?

You could add some css code to your theme for visual customizations.
Ask for any functionality in the support section. Probably, the future
of the plugin will be to extend some functionalities demanded by users.


2019(e)ko irailaren 17(a)
Works brilliantly and very easy to use
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