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Linklay Embed


Linklay is a tool to convert images into interactive shoppable images. More than just an image mapping tool, Linklay has inbuilt analytics, auto-applied UTM links, Pinterest-friendly and much more!

Linklay Embed allows users to easily embed a Linklay shoppable image in a post or a page using a simple shortcode.

Pattern: [linklay]linklay59fff9229e4fe6.97620297[/linklay]

Inserting a shortcode using the pattern above will display the referenced shoppable image. You can find the code in the HTML supplied on the Linklay application.

Shortcode configuration:

The following attributes can be used to configure the display of the Linklay image’s iframe and/or the style of its wrapper:

  • class
    • A CSS class that will be applied to an outer wrapper (div). Defaults to none.
    • Example: [linklay class=”my_awesome_class”]linklay59fff9229e4fe6.97620297[/linklay]
  • align
    • Horizontal alignment of the linklay image within the container: left, center or right. Default: center. The align parameter has no effect if the original image is as wide or wider than the parent element.
    • Example: [linklay align=”center”]linklay59fff9229e4fe6.97620297[/linklay]

Note: This plugin only works for subscribed users of


None needed.


  • A usage example.


Install and activate the plugin from your WordPress dashboard. No configuration is needed.

General information about installing WordPress plugins can be found here


What happens if I disable the plugin?

If you disable or uninstall the plugin, the shoppable images will NOT display.

How do I create shoppable images?

To create shoppable images, you need to use your account on

Where can I get more information about shoppable images?

You can visit to read more about shoppable image and how to create your own.

Where can I report a problem or a bug?

To report a problem or a bug, you should use the comments section on the official plugin page located on You can also reach us directly via our support chat at


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