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Loan Calculator create a detailed amortization schedule with date based on Payments. User can see the chart and video as well. Visitor can also print it.
Plugin provide an option for contact form so that user can use contact form if there is any query. Display loan disclaimer at the bottom of loan section. Admin can customize the color to change look of the loan calculator. All labels and values are managed from backend

Main Features
* Simple to use, easy to install, powerful back-end features
* Clean and modern design
* Change design based on your needs
* Display loan table
* Display loan chart
* Print option
* About this calculator popup
* Manage all labels
* Contact us section (support contact form shortcode)
* Display disclaimer
* Shortcode ready
* Responsive ready

Best Used For
* Bank loans websites
* Real estate websites
* Auto and car loan website
* Finance related website
* Any website which offer loans




  • Frontend view with Table tab enabled
  • Frontend view with Chart tab enabled
  • Frontend view with Video tab enabled
  • General Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Default Value Settings
  • Tab Field Settings
  • Contact Us / Disclaimer Settings
  • Misc Settings


1. Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file
  2. Upload the included folder to ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory of your WordPress installation
  3. Activate the plugin via the WordPress Plugins page

2. How to Display Loan Calculator?

Copy the shortcode [loan_calculator] and paste it into the page or post where you want it to appear.

3. How can I change the loan amount currency?

Currently, the loan calculator only supports US dollar currency. However, in future updates, we will provide more currency options as well.

4. How much is the maximum balloon amount supported in this plugin?

Our loan calculator currently supports a maximum of up to 50% balloon amount.

5. How can we configure the loan calculator?

You can refer to the in-depth documentation. We have explained everything in detail and also provided demo resources. For this, go to the the top of this plugin page where we have put documentation and demo site links.

6. How can I change the background, border, principal graph, Interest Graph colors?

You can change all of these from the admin panel. To do this, go to the loan calculator and click on the “Display Settings” option. Here, you can manage the color settings.

7. How can I enable repayment frequency for quarterly and yearly?

By default, the monthly option on the frontend will appear. If you want to enable quarterly and yearly repayment frequency, go to the loan calculator in WordPress admin and click on the “General Settings” option. You will find the “Enable Repayment Frequency Options” option at the very end. You can check quarterly and yearly from here.

8. How can I change or enable/disable all default values for the loan amount text field?

You can change all default values or enable/disable for the loan amount text field from the Backend. To do this, go to the loan calculator settings and click on the “Default Value Settings” option. Here, you can manage all default loan amount text value settings.

9. How can I enable/disable the repayment chart, loan amortization table, and video tab?

You can enable/disable these options from the WP admin. Go to the loan calculator and click on the “Tab Field” option. Here, you can manage these things.

10. How can I enable loan fee calculation?

You can enable/disable loan fee calculation from the WP admin. Go to the loan calculator > click on “Default value settings” tab and search for “Enable Fee Calculation” and enable/disable according to your needs.


2023(e)ko abuztuaren 29(a)
I had an issue with the plugin conflicting with my client's Avada theme website. Developer jumped right in, made some fixes, including those to his own code to remove the conflict. I only wish I had this kind of support on some of the premium plugins we use. Thanks so much!!
2023(e)ko urtarrilaren 19(a)
I have gone through many loan calculator plugin before choosing this one and nothing comes close to this. It is one of the best plugins
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Aldaketen loga


  • Addressed conflicts arising from general class issues within the plugin.


  • Added Repayment Frequency option (Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly)


  • Added setting to change graph colors.


  • Allow user to Disable Balloon setting in backend.
  • Allow user to Disable Tabs Icon setting in checkbox, It will show label instead of icon
  • Allow user to Disable Repayment Frequency setting in backend.
  • Allow user to Disable ContactUs section
  • Allow user to add link on ContactUs button in place of popup.
  • Allow user to Disable Disclaimer section from backend setting.


  • Added Multiple currency support.
  • Increase Loan Max Amount Value in backend setting.
  • Disallow decimal points from the baked setting.


  • Check WordPress Version 6.1 compatibility.


  • Added multi currency support


  • Initial release.