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2019(e)ko urtarrilaren 14(a)
This plugin makes it very easy without problems. Nice work and nice support. Thanks for all
2018(e)ko ekainaren 13(a) 2 replies
Does what it is supposed to but could be much better. The text size is not optimized for the smallest screen width (320px). At this size, the text from the “Directions” button get’s pushed below the button background because there isn’t enough width for the text and the icon on the button. So I had to write new CSS to make the font-size on the buttons smaller. I think this is a big issue because this plugin is made to improve mobile UX, but it end ups looking like poor development on the smallest phones. Also, the map should open in a modal or something. Right now it opens in a new window which will see some traffic leave the original site completely.
2018(e)ko maiatzaren 21(a)
Mobile Call Now buttons is a great plugin, I really enjoyed using it and better than other competition
2018(e)ko martxoaren 24(a)
Stupidly simply configuration. It just works and does exactly what I want. Thank you!!!
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