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Best dropshipping supplier and fulfillment service from China.

Nihaodropshipping Features:

  • Nihao Dropshipping is an all-in-one dropshipping supplier that allows you to explore 500,000+ niche products and sell them online without inventory. With more than 8 years of wholesale experience, we specialized in the jewelry and clothing business
  • Nihao is your reliable dropshipping agent who specializes in helping you build your own brands. You only need to focus on your customers and your brand, and we do all the rest. No upfront inventory or monthly free
  • We will help you start and grow your own business in an easier way. From sourcing new items to fulfilling orders, we do all things for you to make your dropshipping business more efficient

How to Install Nihao Dropshipping Plugin?

1.Go to Nihao Dropshipping website, and register or log into your account
2.In the Nihao dashboard, go to Authorization > Woocommerce. Then click Add Store.
3.Fill in the form(Your shop URL, comsumer key and secret), and then click Authorize to finish.

Where to find consumer key and secret?

  • In your Woocommerce store, go to WooCommerce> Settings> Advanced.
  • Then click REST API and Add key.
  • Enter the description and change the permission to read/write. Finally click Generate API key.

A more easier way is that when you finished the first two step, fill in your shop url (without https://) and then click the text link under the Consumer Key input field to go to the authorization page.

Please refer to the tutorial for a clearer presentation.

Nihaodropshipping Service:

  • For dropshippers, you can use our app for free and list all our products to your Shopify store easily
  • From product sourcing to order fulfillment, Nihao will automatically do all these for you
  • If you want unlisted items, you can post free sourcing requests to us. Nihao will source the items for you as soon as possible
  • Nihao serves dropshippers from all over the world. We work with multiple reliable logistics providers to provide you with cheap and fast shipping solutions
  • Exquisite pictures are ready for you to promote and marketing
  • Nihao Dropshipping has a professional customer service team to solve your pre-sales and after-sales problems
  • Customized packaging is available for you to better branding


2022(e)ko apirilaren 25(a)
I like Nihao. They have much cheap and beautiful jewelry. The plugin works well and our account manager help me a lot!
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