Occupancy Plan


With this plugin you can manage an occupancy plan, which shows assigned bookings. The schedule
is shown for a single day or a complete week.

* Create a occupancy plan
* Define basic colors (header background, text and border) for the plan
* occupancy plan integration via shortcode
* Plan can show a single day or a complete week
* Create bookings for specific dates or intervals (weekly, monthly)
* Define booking colors for text and background
* Support of multiple courts
* Logged on user with the required permission can reservate bookings in the public area
* Show booking details

* All of the FREE VERSION

A detailed list of all functions can be found on https://www.software-kunze.de/plugins/occupancy-plan.

The plugin is constantly being developed and supported. Support inquiries please only by email support@software-kunze.de


  • Frontend with a occupancy plan
  • Admin area occupancy plan details
  • Admin area booking details
  • Frontend booking details dialog
  • Frontend booking reservation request
  • Configuration of email notification


Upload the plugin via ZIP or install and activate it via the WordPress plugin installer. Afterwards all settings can be adjusted.


2023(e)ko martxoaren 16(a)
This is a great little plugin that is very adaptable with a very responsive and helpful developer. I am using to manage tennis court and bowling green booking at our local sports and social club. Highly recommended
2022(e)ko urriaren 30(a)
Ein praxistaugliches Plugin von einem Entwickler, der die Praxis versteht. Auf Fehler und Anregungen wird sehr schnell reagiert. Engagierter Entwickler!
2021(e)ko apirilaren 1(a)
Danke für die Tolle Unterstützung, kann ich nur weiterempfehlen und das Plug-In ist Toll.
Irakurri 4 berrikuspenak

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Aldaketen loga


  • Bugfix: Frontend add and delete booking
  • Bugfix: Drag&Drop move of the booking


  • If frontend is not anoymized then show detailed tooltip
  • Support of block exceptions added
  • Support of time slot display names
  • Redesign of admin backend
  • Test with WordPress version 6.5.2
  • Change logic for show details at frontend


  • Show Tooltip all users for not anonymized blocks
  • Bugfix: Correct yearly overview in case last days in December belongs already to calendar week 01
  • Change length of shortname to 16 characters


  • Bugfix: PHP 8.1 compatibility: null shouldn’t be used as parent slug when calling add_submenu_page()
  • Allow to show only specific weekdays
  • Use specific classes for first court column: .op-header-td-first, .op-body-td-first


  • Bugfix: Select block with childcourt zero
  • Bugfix: Select blocks, use correct variable in SQL statement
  • Bugfix: Re-Allow of role ‘edit_occupancy’


  • Bugix: Prevent overwrite of block styles by table row styles
  • Enforce weekly mode regardless of the number of child courts – use mode=weekly!
  • Support of child court names
  • Allow sorting of courts


  • Replace of [email] tag in from address with admin email address
  • Bugfix: Check correct capability for frontend user
  • Tested with WordPress 6.3


  • Bugfix: Show correct start date for schedules in yearly mode


  • Support of mandatory custom fields
  • Bugfix: Use schedule default color for new block in backend


  • Bugfix: Correct logic for hidden “mailaddress” field
  • Bugfix: Show courtname “Completed”, if alle courts booked
  • Support load of email template from url
  • Configurable “Undefined Name” preset for new bookings


  • Bugfix: Allow time edit also for daily schedules
  • Bugfix: Set tooltip for every block
  • Bugfix: Use of correct time format string for editable bookings
  • Bugfix: Update plan court count for bulk delete


  • Bugfix: Save of intervalinfo for monthly interval


  • Bugfix: Save changed block colors from frontend detail dialog
  • Bugfix: Provisional not saved for modification of existing blocks


  • Bugfix: Create correct block number for selected court with multiple child courts
  • Bugfix: Show child courts on frontend
  • Bugfix: Logic for anonymized block name in Frontend
  • Backend panels uses capability ‘manage_occupancy’


  • Don’t send mail for block update
  • Bugfix: Don’t update colors and created / created by
  • Support import of block for selected schedule
  • Tested with WordPress 6.1
  • CSV import & export uses semicolon as delmiter


  • Hotfix: Error in render body function call


  • Flexible time interval configuration
  • Bugfix: Missing parameter in replace email tags call
  • Support of monthly preview
  • Email subjects support place holders
  • Show configurable tooltip on frontend bookings


  • Add placeholder ‘courtname’ / ‘courtshortname’ to email template
  • Bugfix: Correct logic for email template placeholder ‘court’


  • Bugfix: Approval Workflows


  • Bugfix: Initial hide of frontend dialogs
  • Allow court edit in frontend dialog


  • Bugfix: Support of custom time slots in weekly view


  • Every second week interval added => Allow bookings every even or uneven week
  • Show court short names in weekly view


  • Bugfix: Missing block field names added


  • Bugfix: Add mailaddress field to create block table
  • Bugfix: Correct handling of provisional flag


  • Flexible interval added => Allow to book time slots for multiple days
  • Bugfix: Don’t load court names for new booking without a selected plan


  • Plan preview in backend
  • Add of missing occupancy-plan-provisional-blocks.php


  • Support of anonymized bookings in the frontend
  • Provisional bookings and approval process / confirmation & reject mails
  • Tested with WordPress 5.9.1


  • Update database version check added


  • Add of mail from name
  • Change email template column to type text
  • Support of email placeholder [interval] and [intervalinfo]
  • Block field mailadress added, for user which are not logged in
  • Allow time and interval modification on frontend
  • Fix data query for monthly interval in daily view


  • Add of edit occupancy role => User allow the edit/delete their bookings
  • Tested with WordPress 5.8.2 / 5.8.3
  • Bugix: To date in weekly view
  • Daily view – Add special logic for weekly and monthly interval
  • Better print layout


  • Add of occupancy manager role


  • Bugix: Dayly View – Use default block colors from plan
  • Tested with WordPress 5.8


  • Bugix: Dayly View – Set shortname and name for current user


  • Add user name, email to bookable element as defaults
  • Add mailfrom element to schedule configuration
  • Bugfix: Allow delete of booking by authorized users
  • Add default color values (text and background) for new bookings
  • Hide court select in dialogs, if only on court is available


  • Tested with WordPress 5.7.2
  • Bugfix: E-Mail notification fix


  • Bugfix: Name field on front end is a required field
  • Bugfix: Edit start/end time on front end only for users with ‘manage_occupancy’ capability
  • Add Flag ‘AllowTimeEdit’ which indicates if the user is allowed to
    edit start/end time in the frontend


  • Bugfix: Allow add reserveration from frontend without logon
  • Bugfix: Allow break time zero
  • Bugfix: Calcluate correct schedule endtime in week modus


  • Tested with WordPress 5.7
  • Break start and end time
  • Custom fields
  • Support of time slots for individual schedules
  • Import / Export of schedules


  • Tested with WordPress 5.6.1
  • Don’t use PHP short tags
  • Use form labels in admin backend
  • Support of bulk action delete in admin lists
  • Show tooltips on backend forms


  • Bugfix: Select correct weekday for date on a sunday
  • Keep location scroll position after POST reload
  • Support of drag & drop in public frontend
  • Dashboard widget show newest bookings
  • Delete of bookings from frontend


  • Tested with WordPress 5.6
  • Add capability ‘manage_occupancy’ to allow users backend access
  • Edit bookings in frontend


  • Bugfix: Display occupancy plan in yearly mode
  • Bugfix: Set interval and weekday correct for new booking from frontend
  • Change naming of plans and books to occupancy schedule and bookings
  • Bugfix: Load booking details correct in daily mode
  • Bugix: Correct court selection for mode daily


  • Bugfix: JQuery confirm dialogs
  • Bugfix: Court name save logic
  • Calculate number of plan courts
  • Bugfix: JQuery details and booking dialog layout
  • BugFix: Backend weekday Sunday select fails


  • Tested with WordPress 5.5.3
  • Bugfix: New court name save
  • Some addition CSS stuff to correct the layout


  • Configuration of court names
  • Court names childs
  • Cleanup job to delete old bookings
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5.2


  • Prepared bookings


  • Bigger field to configure labels
  • Support of booking name list
  • Disable the capability check for frontend users
  • CSS fixes to correct plan layout


  • Fix error loading the wp-color-picker
  • Restrict size of details and booking dialog


  • Tested with WordPress 5.5.1
  • Show correct court number in booking table
  • Correct error for first booking style


  • Some fixes for the daily mode
  • Show correct booking details


  • Tested with WordPress 5.5
  • Add i18n support for JavaScript


  • Weekly view is possible for max 4 courts
  • Support multiple court labels separated by a pipe character |
  • Support of monthly and yearly view


  • Correct spelling mistakes in the readme.txt
  • Correct plan layout (half hour mode) for Firefox, Edge and Opera


  • Implemented basic features