Offload Media – Cloud Storage


Offload- Media Cloud Storage is an innovative plugin for WordPress. It will dramatically transform how you interact with media in WordPress and increase the website’s performance. Media Cloud Storage is a way to transfer your files, media, and images from a WordPress server to online cloud storage, such as Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Google Cloud Storage Services. And it rewrites the URL to serve files from the same storage provider or another CDN provider.


To manage settings in the Offload Media Cloud Storage, download and activate the WordPress plugin.
Go to the Offload media menu in the left menu bar of WordPress, where you can manage the settings. The settings include configure and Settings.
Configure settings allow you to set up the basic plugin settings, while Settings help for the customization of the media upload and serving strategies.

Basic Features

It improves your website speed. Your website will load more efficiently if the cloud media is being transferred to cloud servers. It can make your website faster because it reduces server requests.
The plugin you have installed no longer needs to serve the media contents like images, videos, pdfs, ZIPs, PDFs as well as other files that you uploaded to the server.

Here are the features of the Offload Media – Cloud Storage:

🔹 Sync your media to Amazon s3, Google Cloud Storage or Digital Ocean Spaces.
🔹 Delete files from the server once it is uploaded to the server.
🔹 Customizable base path of server storage.
🔹 Customizable URL structure.
🔹 Object versioning can be created for avoiding invalidations of media.
🔹 Custom CDN can be used for media URLs.
🔹 Pre-signed URLs can be created.
🔹 Woocommerce Support
🔹 Advanced Custom Fields Support
🔹 RTL Support
🔹 Fully compatible with all Acowebs plugins
🔹 WPML string Translations support

Why Acowebs?

Acowebs has established the foundation by providing the experience and expertise to activate WooCommerce stores using compact and highly-performing WooCommerce plugins as well as Shopify applications. We develop top-quality themes and WordPress in the cloud to provide comprehensive solutions that are brimming with unparalleled UX features. Being an award-winning software company, and a part of Acodez, the globally recognized and multiple-award-winning digital agency, our team and support features assure you the best.

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  • Welcome to offload media
  • Choose Cloud Service
  • Service Welcome Page
  • Configure Service Credentials
  • Verifying Service Credentials
  • Save configuration after successful verification
  • Dashboard
  • Settings Page
  • Uploaded Attachment Details


Installation of “Offload Media – Cloud Storage” can be done either by searching for “Offload Media – Cloud Storage” via the “Plugins > Add New” screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin via
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


The services of which all Cloud Storage Providers are provided with this plugin ?

Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Digital Ocean Spaces

Is it compatible with WPML ?

Yes, It is fully compatible with WPML


2022(e)ko irailaren 19(a)
This did everything I needed it to do. Better than the paid versions of other plugins that I've tried in the past.
2022(e)ko irailaren 5(a)
I tried so many others before I came across this one. This one just works, and is so intuitive and easy to set up! No limitations on your new uploads, and they don't pass your images through their servers like some of the other plugins do.
2022(e)ko abuztuaren 19(a)
I have tried to use many plugins for uninstalling media and this is the only one that I find satisfactory. Compared to other uninstall plugins, Acowebs' "Offload Media - Cloud Storage" interface is very friendly and beautiful. The most important thing is that there are no messy and expensive fees, so it's a good value for money. Too bad there is no PRO version yet, otherwise I would have bought it!
2022(e)ko abuztuaren 18(a)
It was quick to set up the Plugin. Rahul a great team member showed us how it actually works via any desk. Quick testing & it works perfectly. I would recommend using this plugin to offload your media from WordPress and move to Amazons3, Digital ocean, etc. The most important thing all comes FREE - You don't need to pay anything. Thanks for your great service.
2022(e)ko ekainaren 28(a)
Pretty quick to issue fixes. Responds to support with in business day orso. Plugin works with few non-critical issues. Current free version doesn't seem to have limitations. Right now as of this date, if you are looking to offload for your medium sized non-mission critical site, I think this is a good option as it is still a work in progress. If you are are large site and/or it is mission critical, I would wait until a pro version comes out with more options and probably better support. Over all 5* for the free, cannot judge a pro version as it isn't released. If the Pro service cost and plan work for our functions this plugin will be at the top of my list.
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Aldaketen loga


  • Bug Fix: Uploading error for non-image types
  • Bug Fix: Uploading issue for original image


  • Tweaks: Performance improvement
  • Tweaks: More convinient and performance enhanced cache implementation
  • Tweaks: Removed extension check of js and css from frontend
  • Bug Fix: Multiple query executing from frontend
  • Bug Fix: Undefined descriptor, value warning
  • Bug Fix: Base path empty exception issue
  • Bug Fix: Digital Ocean Zip file upload issue
  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.1.x Support


  • Bug FIx: Front end page media subsize URL issue


  • Bug FIx: Minor


  • Bug FIx: Critical Error in post page
  • Bug FIx: Critical Error in product page woocommerce


  • Bug FIx: open_basedir is not within the allowed path(s)
  • Bug FIx: Remove from server unique filename issue
  • Bug FIx: Sizes not uploading to Cloud Services


  • Minor Bug Fixes


  • Tweaks : Readme file updated
  • Bug Fixes : Redirecting to configure page on activation of plugin.


  • Bug Fixes : File not rewriting URL’s


  • Initial release