OTYS Plugin


The OTYS Plugin makes your WordPress website a proper recruiting website integrated with OTYS. The integration makes sure every step of the process is automated and no extra work has to be done. Vacancies are automaticly pushed to your website without any hassle.

What is included:
– Vacancies list
– Vacancies filters
– Vacancies keyword search in combination with filters
– Vacancies geo search based on postal code
– Vacancies show selected filters
– Vacancy Detail
– Vacancy Application using dynamic OTYS questionsets
– Open applications using OTYS dynamic questionsets
– Mail notifications


For more information please see our knowledge base https://wordpress.otys.com/.


  • Made it possible to add filter attributes to the shortlist and vacancies even if they are not in the user filters
  • Document type can now be selected in the questionset and is used when uploading documents
  • Small bug fixes
  • When custom slugs are enabled the url is communicated back to OTYS when a website is marked as live. This makes it so custom url’s are communicated to third party platforms and are shows in OTYS Go.


  • Email validation is now forced no matter what is defined in the questionset, this to prevent misconfiguration


  • Fixed GDPR small difference in end date


  • Made it possible to change the thank you page in the OTYS settings menu OTYS -> Settings -> Urls
  • Fixed warning displaying when removing API key
  • It’s now required to choose a brand, the all option has been removed
  • For creating a shortlist based on the relation the relation uid is now used instead of the relation refernece number
  • [otys-vacancies-list] and [otys-vacancies-shortlist] now support the search attribute
  • [functie_o] gets now replaced with the vacancy title for vacancy textfield titles
  • Bugfix for customer rights level


  • Document right levels are now based on the questionset
  • Added vacancy apply url to vacancy list $args


  • Hotfix for warning displaying while uploading document


  • Added sitemap xml [yourwebsite]/otys-sitemap
  • Prepared support for custom slug system
  • Prepared support for communicating WordPress urls to OTYS
  • Fix old vacancy redirect not working for some scenarios


  • Added more information to vacancy list & detail response (otys urls)


  • Fixed issue with postal code search not working in some scenarios


  • Added salary min and max field to vacancy detail and vacancy list result


  • Hotfix vacancies url redirect potential undefined array key


  • Added auto redirecting old OTYS vacancies url’s to correct detail url page
  • Added the exclude parameter to [otys-vacancies-shortlist] which allows for excluding a vacancy based on uid


Warning: Significant changes have been made, please read the changelog. When updating to version 2.0.0 the application form look & feel (templates) will be reset to the default view. Version 2.0.0 does not use the same application form templates as previous versions. Make sure to let your developer read the DEV Notes.

  • Read changes https://stonly.com/guide/en/update-2-0-0-5398epXxe5/Steps/

Changelog from previous versions is available in the plugin folder changelog.txt


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