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Paperform Form Builder – Contact Forms, Ecommerce And Product Pages, Surveys

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Paperform Form Builder – Contact Forms, Ecommerce And Product Pages, Surveys


Create beautiful branded online forms in Paperform and use this plugin to quickly and easily embed them on multiple WordPress pages and sites.

What is Paperform?

Paperform is all about empowering you to easily create forms that embody your project or business, share them with your audience and take payments without a fuss (or hidden fees!) Whether you’re an individual or a business, we help you to build beautiful forms that are truly yours.

Forget about the clunky drag and drop form plugins. With Paperform you create online forms using free-text—just like a doc—and insert questions, images, and product fields wherever you like. Once you’re happy with your creations, use the dedicated WordPress plugin to seamlessly embed your forms in posts and pages.

Want to make some changes? Go ahead! Any embedded forms will update automatically.


Creating web forms with Paperform’s unique form editor is simple and intuitive. It makes it easy for anyone to quickly create beautiful online forms, payment or product pages—all without any code or technical knowledge necessary. It’s not just questions and answers either, you can add pictures, insert videos and GIFs and type with styled text anywhere on the page.


Paperform takes all the pain out of taking payments. With support for leading payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal Business, Braintree and Square, you can take payments, subscriptions and donations in a flash. With over $60M—and counting—in sales processed, Paperform is a perfect alternative to WooCommerce to sell your products, services, online courses and so much more.


Seamlessly embed forms across your WordPress site, or share them directly with a custom URL. Once submissions are in, analyse results using Paperform Analytics, your built-in data dashboard.


Define your own conditional logic rules to control when questions, pages, sections of content, and success pages should be displayed to your respondents, or even when custom emails should be sent. Only ask relevant questions, and build an engaging experience that adjusts dynamically to your customer answers.


Ditch the back and forth emails and schedule appointments effortlessly within your forms. Take bookings, manage your availability, and sync it all to your Google Calendar with a click.


Paperform’s expert team has put together 500+ unique form templates to help you get started faster. Simply import a form template to your account, customise it, set it live, and embed it on your WordPress site.


Need to contact someone? Whether you’re looking to collect contact information from your customers or generate leads online, our contact form templates have everything you need.


Want to securely collect payments online? Paperform enables you to collect online payments through several integrations such as Braintree and PayPal Business, allowing you to easily and securely accept payments and recurring subscriptions in multiple currencies.


Are you looking to attract new clients, customers or users? With Paperform’s lead generation forms, you can turn your WordPress site into a lead generation machine.


Create beautiful and professional-looking surveys and questionnaires that can be easily customised with Paperform’s visual editor. Whether you are looking for a customer feedback survey, fitness questionnaire, invoicing form or more, Paperform’s questionnaire templates have got you covered.


Use conditional logic and multiple results pages to make a truly engaging quiz for your WordPress site’s audience. Upon completion, you can lead your user segments to other pages using our Redirect on Submission tool under the ‘After Submission’ tab.


Paperform allows you to accept appointments and bookings through the special Appointments field. Once you add that question field to your online form, you can connect a calendar to keep track of your schedule, take meetings and make sure customers know when to reach you. Then you can embed your appointment form on your WordPress site and start collecting bookings.


Bring in new customers and drive conversions with our registration forms, which make collecting payments and information simple. Whether you’re preparing for a conference, online event or fitness session, Paperform’s registration forms provide you with a ready-made template that can be customised in minutes.


Connect Paperform to your apps with thousands of direct or Zapier/Integromat integrations. Use embedded Paperform forms to collect data and synchronise it automatically with your favourite external services and software tools.


With the Paperform Direct Integration, you can connect directly to Google Sheets and add rows when your forms are submitted.


Thanks to Paperform’s direct integration with Mailchimp, you can add subscribers to lists and tags when the form is submitted.


It’s easy to connect your Paperform forms to Notion. You can add content to pages, add records to Notion databases, and automatically generate nested pages based on the form submissions.

At Paperform we care about each and every customer. Should you have any questions, check out our help center, or contact our customer support via the live chat on our website.

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  • Paperform Form Builder – Contact Forms, Ecommerce And Product Pages, Surveys


What does this plugin do?

This plugin helps you embed forms created with Paperform. It provides a block for embedding forms via the Gutenberg editor, along with a shortcode for embedding Paperform forms “[paperform id=my-form-id]”.

How do I use the Paperform block?

It’s easy! Just follow the following steps.

1) Insert the Paperform block
Either choose Paperform from under the embed section in the block menu, or type /paperform on a new line inside the Gutenberg editor.

2) Copy and paste the form URL into the form URL box
If you don’t have a form yet, you can create it at Paperform.co.

3) Your done! But you can configure more stuff if you want.

There are some other options available in the block widget:

  • Use a popup button
  • Turn on lazy loading (so the form only loads when it comes on screen)
  • Show a spinner while the form is loading
  • Disable automatic scrolling, or set an offset to account for fixed navigation bars on your site.

Save the post and check out your handy work.

How do I use the Paperform shortcode?

Simple! Anywhere you can use a shortcode, simply type [paperform my-form-name] where “my-form-name” is part of the form URL before paperform.co. For example, if your form’s direct URL is https://newsletter.paperform.co, then the form’s ID would be “newsletter”. E.g. [paperform newsletter].

Want to configure the embed? The embed supports a bunch of attributes to change the way the embed behaves. See https://paperform.co/help/articles/embed-forms for a full list of supported attributes. To add attributes to your shortcode, you can just add them before the closing “]”.

For example, [paperform newsletter lazy=1 no-scroll=1].

Can I use the Paperform shortcode to embed a popup button?

Yes! Follow the shortcode instructions above to embed the form, and then you can add the following additional attributes to turn it into a popup button.

** popup-button **
This will turn the embed into a button, that when clicked will open the form.

** label **
This will be the text displayed on the button

** class **
Any additional CSS classes you would like to add to the form.

For example, [paperform newsletter popup-button=1 label="Show me the form please" class="btn-default btn-lg"]

Do I need a Paperform account?

Yes, you can sign up for paperform at Paperform.co.

Can I create forms directly from this plugin?

No, not at this time.


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Paperform is the most modern and intuitive form builder out there. Its free-text interface is easy to use and has no learning curve whatsoever. By using slash commands, you can build forms and landing pages at lightning speed. Then, you're given a plethora of theming and customization options. Once you're satisfied with the final result, copy the unique project's URL, and use Paperform's WordPress plugin to embed your forms and pages on the WordPress site. As easy as pie!
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