Parcel Panel Order Tracking for WooCommerce (100% FREE)


100% FREE

Parcel Panel is the best tracking app specially designed for millions of WooCommerce merchants, improving customer satisfaction and driving more sales by providing the best post-purchase experience.

All-in-one WooCommerce Order Tracking & Shipping Notifications

  • Real-time sync & track your orders in one place with 1000+ couriers supported worldwide
  • Bulk import tracking numbers by one click with ParcelPanel Import Widget
  • Automatic & accurate courier matching, stop the headache
  • ParcelPanel built-in shipping notifications, WooCommerce native email notifications, keep your customers informed instead of asking your support
  • 8 standard order status, deal with exception orders before customers complain
  • Search, filter & export your orders with a smart dashboard
  • Customer account page tracking, stop directing them to third-party courier websites

Branded Tracking Page

Your brand, not ours, Parcel Panel will automatically generate a branded package tracking page under your store domain(SEO friendly) with abundant custom elements, no need to answer “Where is my order?”, bringing customers back to your store to drive more sales.

  • Estimated delivery time, your customers always know when to receive their orders
  • Custom order status, timely inform customers of your process prior to shipping
  • Shipping progress bar, keep your customers informed and up to date
  • Map coordinates
  • Order lookup widgets, by order number & email or by tracking number only
  • 100% integrate with all themes and all devices

The Best For WooCommerce Dropshipping

  • Perfectly support AliExpress Standard Shipping, also called Cainiao tracking, YunExpress, 4PX, CJ Packet & ePacket tracking(China Post, China EMS) and all commonly used couriers by dropshipping merchants
  • Hide all Chinese origin easily, bringing your customers an all-around brand shopping experience
  • Integrate with WooCommerce dropshipping apps like Ali2Woo, automatically sync tracking numbers from them, then track them

24/7 Live Chat Support

Need help? Don’t hesitate to contact us via online chat or emails, we are always glad to help you.


  • Why Parcel Panel order tracking
  • All-in-one tracking
  • Branded tracking page
  • Shipping notifications
  • More features
  • Compatible with your mobile


ParcelPanel is committed to providing an out-of-the-box user experience:

  1. Install Parcel Panel either via WordPress Plugin Directory or upload Parcel Panel file in .zip format
  2. Activate Parcel Panel
  3. Add the tracking page to your WooCommerce store navigation menu
  4. Import tracking numbers of your orders with ParcelPanel Import Widget, or directly sync them from dropshipping apps like Ali2Woo
  5. Now ParcelPanel will automatically track and update your shipment status, and timely send email notifications to customers by your needs


How many couriers does ParcelPanel support?

ParcelPanel supports over 1000+ couriers worldwide & counting.
Including USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, Australia Post, Royal Mail, UBI, CNE, Yanwen, DPD, La Poste, GLS and other well-know logistics.
Commonly used couriers by dropshipping merchants like: AliExpress Standard Shipping, also called Cainiao tracking, YunExpress, 4PX, CJ Packet & ePacket tracking(China Post, China EMS), and so on.

Is ParcelPanel free?

Yes, 100% FREE without any limitation!!
AST (Advanced Shipment Tracking), AfterShip, 17Track alternative, get started now!!


2022(e)ko abuztuaren 8(a)
very good plugin that everyone eshop should have it Thanks update: the support is the best , excellent !!! Thanks
2022(e)ko abuztuaren 2(a)
It's easy and gives full details easily, just as you want it and more... it surprises me... it benefits you and the recipient. many thanks
2022(e)ko abuztuaren 2(a)
It did exactly what I am looking for and is easy to use. Customer support is great too. Thank you.
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Aldaketen loga

2.4.0 – 2022-8-10

  • Add – New feature: custom tracking info.
  • Add – New feature: estimated delivery time based on destination.
  • Add – New feature: product recommendation.
  • Fix – Fixed some known issues.

2.3.0 – 2022-8-1

  • Add – Added “partially shipped” feature.
  • Enhancement – Adapted the mobile view layout.

2.2.0 – 2022-7-11

  • Add – Added manually changing the shipment status.
  • Update – Use Google Map on Tracking Page.

2.1.0 – 2022-6-23

  • Add – Added CSV column mapping of import tracking number.

2.0.2 – 2022-4-22

  • Add – Added some date formats.
  • Fix – Fixed order number not showing in emails.

2.0.0 – 2022-4-13

  • Add – 1-click dropshipping mode.
  • Update – Track order by phone.
  • Enhancement – Associated with shipment and order items.
  • Enhancement – Optimized the courier filter items on the shipments page.
  • Enhancement – Optimized UI interaction experience.

1.4.5 – 2022-4-6

  • Enhancement – Features of import tracking number.
  • Enhancement – Optimized style for tracking page.
  • Enhancement – Optimized the code.

1.4.4 – 2022-3-24

  • Fix – Backwards compatibility issues with permission_check.
  • Security – Fixed REST API authorization.

1.4.0 – 2022-3-18

  • Fix – The “Track Your Order” of the email template refers to the tracking page title.
  • Update – Upgraded some dependencies.
  • Enhancement – Optimized authorization verification and improved page performance.

1.3.0 – 2022-2-17

  • Update – Some courier company logos.
  • Update – Updated CSV template header name.
  • Enhancement – Added alignment style for title text in email preview.

1.2.1 – 2022-2-10

  • Enhancement – Synchronize with the tracking number of Ali2Woo.
  • Fix – Fixed the tracking page timeline style in RTL mode.

1.2.0 – 2022-1-20

  • Add – Support tracking courier DPD, XDP, Yodel, Yunda etc.
  • Add – Sync orders.

1.1.3 – 2022-1-17

  • Update – Style of the track button for the tracking page.

1.1.0 – 2022-1-10

  • Special Offer – ParcelPanel for WooCommerce is 100% OFF Now!!
  • Add – Shipments page for ParcelPanel.
  • Add – One-click to set the theme language of the tracking page.
  • Add – Shipment export feature.
  • Add – Manually sync orders.
  • Add – Plugin feedback feature.
  • Add – Dropshipping help guide.
  • Fix – Some bugs in the settings page.
  • Update – Some courier company logos.
  • Update – Tracking page button with the same style as the theme.
  • Update – A new default configuration for the settings page.
  • Integration – Track the tracking number of Ali2Woo.

1.0.14 – 2021-12-10

  • Enhancement – Optimized tracking page.

1.0.12 – 2021-11-5

  • Fix – Auto sync courier list.

1.0.10 – 2021-10-30

  • Enhancement – Optimized the code.

1.0.8 – 2021-10-27

  • Add – Sample product display on tracking preview page.
  • Add – Remind when the quota is less than or equal to 5.
  • Add – Integrated intercom.
  • Update – Some courier company logos.
  • Enhancement – Cache plan list information.
  • Enhancement – Bind the site to your account.
  • Enhancement – Simplified the procedures for plan downgrade.