Payway Custom Payment Gateway


With over 35+ year’s experience, Payway’s payment gateway and merchant services solution is designed to make payment processing easier, while saving you money. Learn more at

Payway WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Payment processing for recurring and subscription-based businesses.

Highlights & Benefits

Transparent Pricing

Not all merchant fees are alike. We’ll show you which costs can be immediately reduced.

Recurring Payment Tools

We can decrease rejected transactions and declines, saving you time and interruptions to cash flow.


Tokenization and superior vault technology are just the beginning of how we make PCI-DSS compliance easy.

Advanced Reporting

Payway’s finite divisional reporting and data filters are customizable for your convenience.

Easy Implementation

Getting Payway up and running is pain free for you and your customers.

Personalized Service

Instead of navigating a call center, you’ll know our names and our direct phone numbers.


The configure the plugin you’ll need a valid Payway account. Once you login to your account gather the following details to configure under the WooCommerce payment gateway options screen:

  • Username: Username received from Payway account
  • Password: Password received from Payway account
  • Company ID: Company ID received from Payway account
  • Source ID: Provided in your Payway account

Testing Mode

An option exists to switch between testing and live modes, allowing you to test your implementation before using it live on your shop.


  • Payway in the WooCommerce checkout
  • Payway plugin settings
  • Payway account dashboard


How can we setup my Payway plugin on my website

Please read more details on

Is Payway PCI compliant?

Yes, Payway adheres to the latest standards of the Payment Card Industry. Our payment gateway is certified with Visa and Mastercard. Cardholder data is encrypted at the point of entry with the hosted payment page, which eliminates all unencrypted data from the merchant environment. By moving away from premise-based credit card interfaces, merchants can improve data security and remove the local system from PCI certification scope.

Do I need to get a new merchant account if I convert to Payway?

Our “Complete” service does include merchant account services. However, we do understand that sometimes you just need certain pieces of our service, which is why we do not require you to get a new merchant account when you choose our payment gateway.


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Payway’s gateway is simple to setup, straight forward to use, and works as expected. It’s a good option for simplified payment processing in a worth of over complexity when compared to other providers/options that exist for WooCommerce.
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“Payway Custom Payment Gateway” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


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Corrected fatal error on activation.


New development team, large scale changes to plugin and structure for standards and security


Attempted fixes.


  • We have Payway plugin that any merchant can add into their website following easy steps
  • Seamless integration unto merchant website
  • Setting page to all your plugin setting at one page contact.