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PEPS Media SEO Simple


PEPS Media SEO Simple, some features:
– The plugin is totally free and has no paid or pro-version. You can use it to the max!
– Very lightweight, just +/-20kb of code.
– This plugin adds features that WordPress or themes often lack by default.
– Edit the title and description tag of any post or page.
– Set a social share image from your media library.
– Adds Twitter card tags.
– Open Graph Protocol tags are automatically generated for your page or post, based on the information you enter. Like OG: title, description, share image, url, alt tags etc.
– If you are an admin it lets you add custom code to the header, after body open and footer sections of each page.
– Thus you can easily add custom CSS or JavaScript, Google Analytics or Tag Manager code or some third party code.
– Set a single page or post to ‘noindex’ so search engines won’t show that page or post in the search results.
– A [year] shortcode is available, so you can easily display the current year anywhere.
– You can also use shortcodes in the title and meta description fields.


  1. Upload PEPS Media SEO Simple to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to any post or page in admin menu. Below the WYSWIG editor now appear 3 new input fields: title, description and image. We automatically generate the OG Meta and Twitter card tags.


How is the Open Graph Meta generated?

We generate these tags based on the page title and description values you enter. And by using the image you selected for social sharing from your media library.

Does the plugin slow down my website

The plugin is super lightweight, so it has no impact on your website’s loading speed and keeps your website (much) quicker than other SEO plugins.

Can we help with custom WordPress coding or website hosting?

Yeah sure, we can help you with custom WordPress jobs, SEO, hack recovery or fast and secure SSD hosting.


2020(e)ko urtarrilaren 23(a)
Start every website with this plugin! Great to easily manage simple SEO settings WordPress lacks by default. Simply set the title and description of any page or post. The Open Graph Meta tags are added to the pages too. Cool! Also super happy with the ability to add custom code to the site, like the Google Analytics code. Nice work!
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Aldaketen loga

3.7 – Updated the meta property ‘og:url’ to reflect the actual page url, not the permalink url. Updated the page title handling.

3.6 – Added shortcode support for the title and meta description + the [year] shortcode.

3.5 – Some minor fixes / improvements. Plugin is running well oiled.

3.4 – Final title fix.

3.3.1 – Quick fix. Added an empty title check.

3.3 – Refactored some code. Added the ability to set a social share image directly from your media library.

3.2 – Adds the option to set an individual page or post to no-index. Added some more meta tags.

3.1 – Added Title + Description support for Twitter meta tags

3.0 – Public release

2.0 – Beta

1.0 – Alpha