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Post Update Add-On – Gravity Forms


This simple Gravity Forms Add-On allows to update/edit/change existing posts or custom post type posts.

How to use:

  • In form settings open “Post Update”
  • Press “Add New”
  • (Required) Configure “Post ID” (number, insert merge tag or current page/post id)
  • Configure Post Settings (Author ID, Post Status)
  • Configure Tags & Categories & Custom Taxonomies
  • Configure Post Title and Content manually or insert merge tags
  • Configure Featured Image
  • Configure Custom fields
  • Configure Conditional logic
  • Press “Save Settings”


  • Update Author and Status
  • Update “Post Title” and “Post Content”
  • Update “Tags”, “Categories” and “Custom Taxonomies”
  • Update “Featured Image”
  • Update “Post Custom Fields”
  • Optional update if the field is empty
  • Combine values with merge tags
  • Conditional logic support


  • User Interface


  1. Install the plugin either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server
  2. Activate the plugin via the Plugins admin page.


2022(e)ko apirilaren 14(a)
Easy to set up, easy to work with, easy to understand - a perfect companion plugin for Gravity Forms! We needed the ability to pull data into a form (using GravityWiz Perks), modify it in the form, and then push it back to a Custom Post Type and this did that last part with seamless ease. Developer - I'd love to buy you a coffee, do you have a link?
2022(e)ko urtarrilaren 22(a)
Very simple straight-forward easy to use plugin. I hope there will be an additional feature where we can update a post into a remote WP site.
2021(e)ko abenduaren 29(a)
Plugin does exactly what the name says. Works perfectly, I would like support for custom taxonomies.
2021(e)ko abenduaren 8(a)
Hello, I appreciate the intention of this plugin but I do not see how I can update the entry, when I go to the form and look for the published entries I do not see any option to edit them, but if I reload the form does not work either, if you would be so kind to make an explanatory video and / or demonstrative I think we would all appreciate it, because it is not understood after doing what you indicated as we are going to update.
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“Post Update Add-On – Gravity Forms” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Aldaketen loga


  • Support for custom taxonomies


  • Support for checkboxes and similar fields
  • Featured image update bugfix


  • Update only non-empty fields option


  • Current post target feature
  • Update tags feature
  • Update categories feature
  • Update featured image feature
  • Allow empty page content feature
  • Allow empty featured image feature
  • Code refactoring
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Making the plugin fully translatable
  • Bumping WP version to latest tested


  • Initial release