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Social Share for WooCommerce allows you to add actionable social icons on WooCommerce single product pages. This WooCommerce extension gives you a quick single-click solution to share your products on various social media platforms.

Social media has a great influence on our everyday life. They have become an inseparable part of our modern life. As a result, social media gained the ability to influence sectors like eCommerce. Top and successful marketers understand the importance of social presence and social media marketing to boost a business, especially in the eCommerce sector. Why should you miss out!

WooCommerce comes with tons of features, but it does not offer a default option to add actionable social media icons. With Social Share for WooCommerce, you can add social media icons to the product page. Additionally, you can add a copy to the clipboard button along with the social media platforms. This will allow everyone to copy the product link into the clipboard.

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Features of this plugin

🥳 One-click social share for WooCommerce products
Give your customers the ability to share your products on various social media sites with just a single click.

🥳 Select your desired social media icons
You can select your desired social media icons from a given list. So, you can precisely choose your desired social media platforms.

🥳 Customize the order of the social media icons
Additionally, you can drag and drop the icons to customize their order on the product page. Thus, you can effortlessly put your most desired social channel in the first position and so on.

🥳 Control the social media icon’s display position
This WooCommerce extension also allows you to select the desired position of the social media icons on the product pages. Currently, there are three spots to choose from. You can either display the social media icons with the product category name, after the product title, or after the product price.

Additionally, there is an option to hide the icon. The premium module offers an option to display floating social share icons on the left or right side of the browser window. When activating that option, you may want to hide the icons from other places.

🥳 Control the content of the icons
The plugin offers customization options for social media icons. Here you also have three different options to choose from. You can select between only icon, only text, and both icon and text at the same time.

🥳 Customize the social media icon’s appearance
The plugin is simple but when it comes to enriching the features, there is no compromise. Based on your theme and product page appearance, you can choose the best icon shape for your WooCommerce store. You can choose between Round and Square shapes at this moment.

🥳 Copy product link to Clipboard made easy
Moreover, the plugins also add an option to enable a “Copy to Clipboard” option along with the social media icons. As a result, your customers will be able to copy the product link to the clipboard while they are also able to share the products on the included social networks.

🥳 Display title before social icons
The plugin lets you enable title text before social icons. By default, the text will appear as ‘Share On.’

🥳 Shortcode
Using a page builder like- Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, etc? The plugin gives you a facility of a shortcode. Using [psfw_basic_share] you can display social icons in any spot on the page.

🥳 Pop-up modal with all social icons
Keep your product page clean by displaying icons of the most popular social platform. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your customers can still access all available platforms on the pop-up modal.

Feature Highlights of Social Share for WooCommerce PRO


✔️ Set floating social share icons on the left or right side of the browser window

✔️ Love tooltips! advanced version of Social Share for WooCommerce have you covered

✔️ Let your customers share specific variation links to their desired social platforms (even it will work for the pop-up modal with all social icons )

🎨️ Color customization to sync social share icons with your brand is at your fingertips

🎨️ Font size customization that matches your store’s existing design is a breeze

🎨️ Additionally, it also allows you to change font weight to normal(Regular), lighter, or bold

🎨️ Most importantly, you will be able to tweak the size of the social platform icons

🎨️ On top of that, there are ample options to customize the hover style of the items

🎨️ Finally, the tooltip text color and background color are also easily customizable

🎨️ Display a social share icon on the shop/archive page to share it from the product listing

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  • Available Social Icons.
  • Popup window for all social icons.
  • Floating icons with tooltip [Pro Feature].
  • Share exact variation [Pro Feature].
  • Settings Page.
  • Settings Link.


After downloading the ZIP file,

  1. Log in to the administrator panel.
  2. Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
  3. Click “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the downloaded zip file.

How will Social Share for WooCommerce Benefit You!

As you are here, we assume that you understand the importance of social media networks in our current lifestyles. Social media has long passed the initial goal of connecting people, they are significantly contributing to other sectors like eCommerce. Leading social media can boost your online store sales if you adopt the right strategies.

Allowing your customers to easily share your products on social media can help by boosting the exposure for your products. As a result, your sales will also increase. It also opens the opportunity for your customers to purchase your products as a present for their loved ones. If your customers could not share the product and their thoughts on social media, their loved ones would never know about it.

The plugin is very straightforward. It offers a quick start and a few clicks set up for the store owners despite the huge potential it has for every WooCommerce store. We loved developing this WooCommerce plugin for you with hope that you will love it too.

The settings section of Social Share for WooCommerce

Once you install and activate the plugin, Social Share for WooCommerce will enable the default options for you. First of all, click on the Settings option displayed on the plugins listing page to access the settings section.

You will land at the General tab with two sets of settings options Icon Settings, and General Settings.

Under the icon settings, you can select the desired social media platforms for your customers with the option named Icons to Display. Then comes the Icon Appearance and Share Button Shape. You can take care of the appearance of the icon and the shape of the icon with those options. Finally, you can add a “Copy to Clipboard” option along with the social icons.

The next section is called General Settings. You will find the options for the display position of the social media icons under the Where to display option. Hope you have found this very easy to follow.


What is the purpose of Social Share for WooCommerce?

This WooCommerce extension will help to add actionable social media icons to WooCommerce single product pages.

What is the easiest way to add actionable social media icons on WooCommerce product pages?

Social Share for WooCommerce plugin offers the most straightforward and easy-to-follow option to add actionable social media icons to WooCommerce single product pages.

How can I display the previous icon of Twitter rather than X icon?

You can add the following code inside your child theme’s functions.php file. We recommend using a child theme rather than the main/parent theme.

add_filter('psfw_remove_twitter_x_icon', '__return_true');

Suggestion: You can also add the snippet using a plugin called Code Snippets

How can I disable/remove the email address from the email icon?

You can add the following code inside your child theme’s functions.php file. We recommend using a child theme rather than the main/parent theme.

add_filter( 'psfw_mail_address', '__return_false' );

Suggestion: You can also add the snippet using a plugin called Code Snippets

How will adding social media icons with the products help my store?

Empowering your customers to quickly share your products on social media platforms will increase product exposure and engagement. As a result, it should also help generate more sales for you.

Social Share for WooCommerce is not working with my page builder, do you have a shortcode?

Yes, use [psfw_basic_share] to place the share button anywhere on the single product page.


2023(e)ko abenduaren 16(a) 5 replies
Doesn’t look like this plugin has been maintained in years or recently.No new X Icon Brand update for olde-twitter.No Instagram Icon.Minimal editing or customisation.Apologies.It appears I have reviewed the wrong plugin.The names of this and another plugin were so similar.I have no issue with this Plugin and the Developer has been most patient.
2023(e)ko abuztuaren 24(a)
We requested that a feature be added to the plugin (HPOS compatibility) and the developer added it within the same day. Always great to see such quick support.
2023(e)ko uztailaren 2(a)
very good plugin. Nice
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Aldaketen loga

1.2.9 [27-06-2024]

  • Security: PHPCS & WPCS standard [using Plugin Check Plugin(PCP)].
  • Update: Removed unnecessary css.
  • Compatibility: Tested with WooCommerce 9.0.2.

1.2.8 [27-02-2024]

  • Update: JS and scirpt conditions.
  • Compatibility: Tested with WooCommerce 8.6.

1.2.7 [15-11-2023]

  • Feature: Yahoo, Pocket, and Weibo icon implemented.
  • Fix: Text domain loading issue.
  • Added: .pot file added.
  • Enhancement: Settings page UI.
  • Compatibility: Tested with WordPress 6.4 & WooCommerce 8.2.2.

1.2.6 [20-10-2023]

  • Update: Twitter X icon implemented.
  • Update: FontAwesome icon library updated to 6.4.2.
  • Dev: Added a filter psfw_mail_address to change email address.
  • Dev: Added a filter psfw_icon_key to change the icon key.
  • Compatibility: Tested with WooCommerce 8.2.

1.2.5 [01-10-2023]

  • Tweak: PHP Scripts.

1.2.4 [24-08-2023]

  • Compatibility: HPOS support.

1.2.3 [29-07-2023]

  • Added: Icon Appearance Rounded Corner.
  • Added: Reddit & Xing Share Option.
  • Update: Minor CSS.
  • Compatibility: Tested with WooCommerce 7.9 & WordPress 6.3.

1.2.2 [02-06-2023]

  • Fix: Class name changed for all icon buttons to avoid event for copy to clipboard.
  • Fix: Added !important for some classes to avoid override from the theme. [20-05-2023]

  • Fix: Minor logical fix for the all icon popup markup (to apply only on shop/single product).

1.2.1 [18-05-2023]

  • Fix: CSS fix for popup/modal.
  • Dev: Changed the hook to display the popup and pushed it to wp_footer.

1.2.0 [17-05-2023]

  • Feature: Display a button for all social icons popup/modal.
  • Dev: Created a separate dedicated class for the icons.
  • Compatibility: Tested with WooCommerce 7.7

1.1.7 [19-04-2023]

  • Feature: Shortcode [psfw_basic_share].
  • Feature: urlencode feature added.
  • Added: VK Icon Support.
  • Tweak: Optimized script. [12-04-2023]

  • Fixed: Conditions for settings options. [02-04-2023]

  • Fixed: Social icon display issue for minified CSS Bug.

1.1.6 [01-04-2023]

  • Added: Tumblr Icon Support.
  • Tweak: JS Script Update.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.2 & WooCommerce 7.5.1

1.1.5 [04-02-2023]

  • Fix: WhatsApp Icon disappears even if it is clicked from the plugin settings.
  • Fix: Copy product URL minor JS fix.
  • Feature: Added Pinterest icon.


  • Feature: Added email icon.
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.3


  • Enhancement: Framework update.
  • Compatibility: Make compatible with Variation Price Display Range for WooCommerce


  • Feature: Icon title Added.
  • Enhancement: Setting toggle layout.
  • Dev: Added uninstall.php file.
  • Dev: rtl support added.
  • Compatibility: Tested with WooCommerce 6.8.0.


  • Fix: Menu-related issue.


  • Feature: Hide Icon Option Added.
  • Enhancement: Changed layout.
  • Dev: Added files inside layout.php.
  • Compatibility: Tested with WooCommerce 6.7.0.


  • Feature: Added Copy to Clipboard feature
  • Dev: Changed filter name labels to psfw_labels
  • Dev: Added minified version of public CSS and JS
  • Compatibility: Tested with WooCommerce 6.5.1 and WordPress 6.0.


Initial release.