Productive Forms


This plugin optimizes WordPress websites by simplifying customer communication. It allows visitors to connect through their preferred methods, such as contact forms, telephone, email, WhatsApp, and social media platforms. Additionally, it provides website owners with an efficient tool to gather and manage customer email lists.

Seamlessly integrate contact forms, ‘contact us’ pages, newsletter sign-ups, and floating contact buttons into your site with this plugin.

Why Choose This plugin?

  • Swiftly integrate a “Contact Us” page into any WordPress Post or Page using the shortcode [Productive_forms_form].
  • Embed customizable contact forms anywhere on your site using shortcodes.
  • Access a variety of “Contact Us” templates; personalize for unique designs (coming soon).
  • Efficiently incorporate Newsletter opt-in forms on your site using the shortcode [Productive_newsletter].
  • Embed floating buttons for social media, contact forms, and newsletter opt-ins.
  • Export submissions and subscriptions to a CSV file for compatibility with platforms like Mailchimp and Omnisend.
  • Ensure compliance by obtaining consent for the collection and/or use of personal data with each form submission.
  • While setup is straightforward, the plugin offers flexibility, empowering you to optimize your email list potential.
  • Whether you’re seeking a basic “name and email” contact list or something more comprehensive, this plugin offers the tools to meet your requirements.

What Types of WordPress Websites Does This Plugin Support?

This plugin seamlessly integrates with WordPress. It’s translation-ready, complete with a .pot file. It fully supports Right-To-Left (RTL) languages and is compatible with multi-language sites, extending full WPML support.

Enable your customers to address their queries directly through your website, via email, phone, WhatsApp and on their preferred social media platforms.

Plugin Pages

Features Overview

The highlighted features on this page are only a subset of the plugin’s features. A comprehensive feature list can be found on the plugin’s page here. Check out the Free vs Pro section for a detailed comparison of both versions.

  • Begin receiving contact and newsletter form submissions immediately after setup.
  • Display fields for first name and last name either separately or combined.
  • Route form submissions to multiple email recipients.
  • Allow sending a duplicate “Contact Us” message to the inquiring visitor.
  • When exporting, handpick specific subscriber details like email and name for precision.
  • Showcase a conventional contact form anywhere on your site using WordPress Widgets.
  • Feature a floating button, which unveils the contact form in an elegant popup.
  • Ensure spam protection with a straightforward arithmetic challenge.
  • Benefit from advanced spam protection through Google reCaptcha v3.
  • Offer Ajax forms for enhanced user interaction alongside standard versions.
  • Opt for Non-Ajax form submissions when necessary.
  • Incorporate a consent checkbox for data collection with every form submission.
  • Store “Contact Us” messages in the website database or forward them via email.
  • Securely store submissions in the WordPress database, ensuring receipt even if email delivery fails.
  • Flexibility to display or hide various “Contact Us” page elements. Available blocks include: physical address, Google Maps, business hours, contact numbers, email addresses, and social media icons.
  • Showcase icons for prominent social media platforms on the “Contact Us” page, including WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Empower logged-in users to oversee their Newsletter preferences from the WooCommerce My Account section.
  • Facilitate newsletter subscription for all users, both newcomers and registered, at the WooCommerce checkout stage.
  • Define the terms of privacy policy agreement during subscription—make it obligatory or optional.
  • Strategically place the floating button anywhere on your site: corners, left, right, or center.
  • Efficiently manage received messages via website admin: review, modify status, and determine retention or deletion for each message.
  • Choose to present or hide the phone number field in contact forms.
  • Facilitate the export of both contact and newsletter subscriptions with ease in the WordPress admin.
  • Utilize the “Contact Element” custom post types, allowing content creation in the admin panel and its display across the website.
  • Highly adaptable, seamlessly blending with your theme’s design and color palette.
  • Configure multiple contact and newsletter opt-in forms concurrently.

The mentioned functionalities represent just a portion of the plugin’s capabilities available in either the standard or Pro version. For a complete list of features, visit the plugin’s page here. For an in-depth comparison between the two versions, see the Free vs Pro section.

Plugin Pages


  • Sample Contact Us page with Google Map (Pro version)
  • Sample Contact Us page
  • Newsletter opt-in form in checkout page (Pro version)
  • Customers can Subscribe/Unsubscribe Newsletter in My Account page (Pro version)
  • Some Contact Form Settings
  • Manage submissions saved in WordPress database
  • Some Newsletter options
  • More Newsletter options
  • Widget for adding Social media buttons and Forms buttons


Automatic Installation

  • Access your WordPress admin.
  • Navigate to Dashboard => Plugins => Add New.
  • Enter “Productive Forms” in the search bar.
  • Click “Install” and then “Activate”.
  • Visit Productive… => “Productive Forms”, to configure plugin settings.

  • For comprehensive installation guidance, please consult the plugin’s documentation. It offers step-by-step instructions for both manual and automatic installations.


Will the plugin function if my server isn’t equipped for email sending?

Absolutely. The plugin saves submissions to your WordPress database by default. You can, however, configure it to either send emails, save entries, or do both.

My website don’t send contact forms or newsletter emails. Why?

This plugin relies on your website’s SMTP configurations. Ensure your website’s SMTP settings are active to receive emails.

How can I properly configure my server’s SMTP settings to guarantee email delivery?

While this plugin doesn’t provide SMTP functionality, you can install an SMTP plugin, such as Easy SMTP or Post SMTP, to facilitate this.

Why do I see an “Unable to send message” error?

This error signifies an issue with your WordPress site’s email sending capability. Please consult with your hosting provider or consider integrating an SMTP plugin like Easy SMTP or Post SMTP. Despite email setbacks, rest assured that form submissions are stored in your WordPress database by default.

To which email address does the plugin forward the emails?

By default, submissions are sent to your website admin’s email. You can also designate additional email addresses to receive these submissions.

What will the URL of my “contact Us” page be once the plugin is active?

To establish your contact page, create a dedicated WordPress page through the admin panel and integrate the contact us page shortcode.

What content is ideal for the contact us page?

Simply input the shortcode “[productive_contact_page]”.

Can I show just the contact form without additional “Contact Us” page elements?

Absolutely. Utilize the shortcode “[productive_contact_form]” to display only the form. This will exclude other elements such as physical address and social media links.

What is the requisite shortcode to showcase the newsletter opt-in form?

Depending on your layout preference, use “[productive_newsletter_form]” or “[productive_newsletter_form_landscape]” for portrait and landscape layouts respectively.


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Aldaketen loga

v1.1.5, released on 2024-04-30th

  • (Improvement): Otpimisation of the global framework and introduction of new functionalities.
  • (Fix): Resolved minor bugs.

View Full Changelog Here