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Propovoice CRM – Best CRM & Invoicing Plugin to Manage Leads, Clients and Billings automation



Plugin hau 2024(e)ko maiatzaren 20(a) (e)tik itxita dago, eta ez dago deskargatzeko eskuragarri. Erabateko berrikuspenaren zain, itxiera behin-behinekoa da.


2024(e)ko maiatzaren 17(a)
I purchased in October 2023, and now, nearly June 2024, we still face many unresolved issues. Moreover, the support channels on the site are mostly unavailable whenever I try to reach out, and they don’t even publish updated changelogs for the normal and pro plugins. Total disappointment. The program is a fraud; they removed the beta tag, but the plugin is still in ALPHA.
2024(e)ko maiatzaren 4(a)
This product is marketed as a one-time purchase that includes 1 year of technical support. However, in practice, the support is virtually non-existent. After payment, there are no options for submitting support tickets or accessing help desks through your account. Additionally, their website lacks any direct contact information, such as email or phone numbers. Previously, there was an online chat feature, but it no longer exists and my attempts to initiate a conversation went unanswered. The company also has a Facebook community, but they do not respond to inquiries there, and there have been no new posts for over a month. It appears as though the developers have abandoned the product and are now hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. The only available option is to leave a message on the WordPress community forums and hope for a response. However, when they do respond, the replies tend to be polite yet ultimately unhelpful. Essentially, once the purchase is made, the support vanishes along with any possibility of meaningful assistance.
2024(e)ko apirilaren 30(a)
This is a one time purchase with no tech support. Their price includes 1 year of tech support, but not actually. There are no tickets or desks in your account after payment. There is no contact info on their website, no email, no phone number. There was an online chat, but no reply. Recently, this online chat disappeared. They have a Facebook community but do not reply to you and no new posts for over 1 month. You can leave a message on the WP community and wait patiently. Finally one day you will get a reply, a useless courtesy reply. Yes, once they reply you, it is always polite and all useless. In short, you can’t reach them, they get your money and disappear.
2024(e)ko otsailaren 29(a) 3 replies
Perfect for Freelancers and agencies. More features need to be developed and improved for client use but they are doing their best to improve on these. Support has improved significantly as well.
2024(e)ko urtarrilaren 17(a)
I run a agency for WordPress development services and I use this plugin to manage clients, creates invoice, create payment link. This is really helpful for me.
2024(e)ko urtarrilaren 17(a) 1 reply
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