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Purchase Order for Catablog – Add Catablog Support for Making Purchase Orders

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Purchase Order for Catablog – Add Catablog Support for Making Purchase Orders


I use CataBlog for make product catalog and i needed a way for let people
to make a purchase order of product and send it by email, so here it is.
This is a work in progress so feel free to contact me and ask me for updates.


Compatible with wordpress 4


Improved code
Fixed in loop mode add-to-cart button not working
Added Mercadopago as purchase gateway


Added Option to Hide Prices and Totals
Added Option to send HTML e-mails
Fixed template location to be same as catablog’s upload folder
Removed item_ prefix on e-mail table titles


Fixed problem with translation
Fixed bug that only emails one item from cart
Added support for custom order template


Small bugfix to support catablog slug change


Improved Documentation


First Public Release


1) Copy the catablogordering folder to your wordpress plugin folder.

2) Activate the plugin and a new option will come up for settings.

3) Modify the Catablog STORE template form, and get ride of the action attribute of the form tag and add a hidden input named “cmd” with a “_cart” value.

<form method='post' >
  <input type='hidden' name='cmd' value='_cart'> <!-- This tell plugin to add to cart -->
  <input type='hidden' name='item_name' value='%TITLE-TEXT%'>
  <input type='hidden' name='item_number' value='%PRODUCT-CODE%'>
  <input type='hidden' name='amount' value='%PRICE%'>
  <input type='hidden' name='quantity' value='1'>
  <input type='hidden' name='add' value='1'>
  <input type='submit' value='ADD TO CART'>

4) If you want additional data to be sent on the e-mail add form’s fields with “item_” prefix in the name attribute.

  <input type='text' name='item_weight'>


Hey dude, where is my CART?

You must create a new page with the [catablogcart] shortcode.

Where is the add to cart button?

This plugin use the %BUY-NOW-BUTTON% of the template, but the %BUY-NOW-BUTTON% only appears when item got a price, that is a limitation of Catablog plugin, there is no way to force the button to showup. A workaround of this is to put a 1 in price for each item you want a add to cart.

The process don’t redirect me to the CART page!

Check out the option of the plugin you must select what page to redirect to.

Where can i find you?

You can find me on facebook/diego2k

This is cool how can i help?

Make donation, make translations, improve it, spread the word!


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