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QuickPost – Add New Posts & Duplicate from the Block Editor

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QuickPost – Add New Posts & Duplicate from the Block Editor


A razor sharp plugin that does just one thing: allow you to quickly create new posts from the Block Editor toolbar. You can create new posts in one of two ways:

  1. Create a brand new empty post.
  2. Duplicate the current post.

This brings back the ability to create new posts, pages, custom post types quickly and easily even when you’re in Fullscreen Mode in the Editor.

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If you have a feature request, please create an issue in the GitHub repository. ➕

If you need support, please use the support forum to reach out. 🆘

Key Features

  • A disabled button is available in the toolbar in brand new posts
  • The “Add New” button becomes clickable once your post’s status is auto-draft, draft, pending, published, or any other state except new.
  • You can duplicate the current post with two clicks.
  • A keyboard shortcut to create a new post directly from your keyboard (Ctrl + Option + N on Mac or Alt + Shift + N on Windows)

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  • In brand new posts, the Add New button is disabled.
  • In posts that are not new, the Add New button is clickable and lets you create new and duplicate posts right from the Block Editor.
  • Click the kebab menu button to reveal the Duplicate Post button.
  • Clicking the Add New button takes you to a fresh new post of the same post type.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly, or search for QuickPost in the Block Library.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress if installed manually or through the WordPress plugins screen.
  3. Use the Add New button in the Block Editor toolbar when needed.


Is this plugin supported?

Yes, this plugin is actively supported. If you have a question, issue, or you’ve identified a bug, please reach out through the support forums.

What gets duplicated?

Right now all default WordPress post information gets duplicated, except featured images. Currently, custom taxonomies, Yoast information, or custom additions are not supported. But as the plugin evolves, more support will be added. Please use the support forums to let us know what you’d like added support for.

How can I change when QuickPost is available?

The plugin provides a filter called QuickPostDisplay to help you affect QuickPost’s visibility. Refer to the example in the README on GitHub.


2022(e)ko maiatzaren 13(a)
Thank you so much for creating this plugin, as I’m busy cranking out screens with FSE, and though I probably ‘should’ be creating patterns to reuse this has simply saved me SO much time. NOTE: Only thing one needs to know is to collapse the ‘list view’ to access the ‘duplicate page/post’. Thank you again.
2022(e)ko apirilaren 17(a)
Exactly what is needed when adding numerous pages of content to a site. Thanks for taking the time to create & share! 100% Should be on core!!
2022(e)ko martxoaren 20(a)
Aurooba is on to something here. I originally installed QuickPost to test it out. I knew it would take some time. I installed the plugin on my most heavily used site. To my surprise, the first post I used the plugin to duplicate was The Events Calendar post. It worked like a charm! I could duplicate the post or just use it to make a new one. QuickPost works in the Gutenberg editor which is missing the old admin bar creating an extra click. QuickPost eliminates that extra click. Additionally, it saves one from having to create a template for a post. Need to create a post with the exact same format, use QuickPost to duplicate it. So if you are a heavy Gutenberg editor user, consider installing this plugin to save you extra clicks, time, and some heartache!
2022(e)ko otsailaren 22(a)
Surprisingly useful, especially if you jumped on the FSE hypetrain.
2022(e)ko otsailaren 21(a)
Just tried it, works great, the users would love it I’ll be using it for code reference 🤩 Aurooba used the native WordPress components and followed the coding standards, keeping it simple. Thanks for retaining WP branding so that the new button doesn’t stand out. I also like the user experience that comes with quickly adding and duplicating in full-screen mode This feature might be added to the core, until then this plugin is the right way to go!
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Aldaketen loga

0.1.5 – Feb 27, 2023

  • Adds a new keyboard shortcut to create a new post directly from your keyboard (Ctrl + Option + N on Mac or Alt + Shift + N on Windows)

0.1.4 – May 10, 2022

  • Looks like the last release didn’t get pushed correctly, so this is a push to actually fix the common.min.css problem.

0.1.3 – May 6, 2022

  • FIX: the common.min.css file was getting enqueued unnecessarily to the front-end, this fixes that. Thanks for the report @mrwweb!

0.1.2 – May 1, 2022

  • NEW FEATURE: You can filter the visibilty of the entire QuickPost button using the filter QuickPost.Display. QuickPost has a property called visibility, which you can set to true or false depending on a condition of your choosing.
  • ENHANCEMENT: The Add New button into a true semantic link to allow folks to open the new post in the current tab/window, new tab, or new window.
  • ENHANCEMENT: When you choose to duplicate a post, on success, not only does the entire menu item transforms into a semantic link (for the same benefits as the add new button transformation, but also with the call to action Edit duplicated {post type label}, to correctly indicate they’ll be taken to the editor for the newly duplicated post.
  • FIX: the translations weren’t working correctly because of an incorrectly enqueued file, that’s been fixed.

0.1.1 – February 27, 2022

  • Fixes a small bug that causes a fatal error on installs running PHP versions lower than PHP 7.3

0.1.0 – February 21, 2022

  • Release