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Remove Admin Bar from Previews


If you find yourself previewing a post, clicking the “edit” link at the top, previewing that post, and eventually realizing you have 3 or 4 tabs open with different versions of the same post? Then you’ve felt the pain of editing in WordPress.

But now there’s hope! Simply remove the entire admin bar from your post previews and remove the temptation to edit a preview! Still need a reminder that you’re on a preview and you need to go back and save your changes? No problem, we’ve thrown that feature in for free! Don’t like it? No worries, simply check a box and preview your posts in all their life-like glory!


  • Remove the admin bar from post and page previews.
  • Optionally add a reminder notification at the top of a previewed post.


These features are planned for future releases:

  • [x] Customizable notification bar (styles and text).
  • [ ] Multisite-enabled.
  • [ ] Translation-capable.


  • Plugin options in the Writing options page.
  • Preview with the notice bar reminder.


  1. Download the ZIP file from the plugins repository.
  2. Install using the Plugin Installer in your site’s admin pages.
  3. Update options under SettingsWriting admin page.


How do I change the notice bar?

If you have a stylesheet named abp-preview-notice.css in your theme directory, the plugin will automatically use that stylesheet for the notice bar.

You can also change the HTML of the notice bar by including it in your theme inside a file named abp-notice-bar-template.php.

Each of these files need to be in your theme root directory to work.

I checked the “show notice bar” option but it’s not there.

You must also check the option to hide the admin bar. The notice bar will only show if it’s enabled and the admin bar is turned off.


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“Remove Admin Bar from Previews” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Aldaketen loga


  • Added ability to override the notice bar HTML and CSS inside a theme.


  • Initial release.