Plugin hau ez da probatu WordPressen azken 3 bertsio garrantzitsuenekin. Baliteke, jada, mantentze edo euskarririk ez izatea, eta, WordPressen bertsio berriagoekin erabiltzen denean, bateragarritasun arazoak izan ditzake.

Remove jQuery from Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms is an excellent plugin for creating forms, but requires loading jQuery in the front-end for AJAX submissions to work. Obiously we would like to avoid a full reload on submission, but also not include JQuery in this day and age where vanilla JavaScript is so capable.

This plugin makes use of the built-in REST API in Gravity Forms, and uses that to submit the form and perform validation. File uploads and multi-page forms are supported.

By only using vanilla JavaScript, this plugin is 1.5kB (v1.1 minified and gzipped), compared to the 31kB of jQuery (3.6.1 minified and gzipped). A 95% reduction in size!


  1. Make sure Gravity Forms is installed and activated.
  2. Enable the REST API in Gravity Forms settings.
  3. Install and activate this plugin.


Will this break my site?

This plugin removes jQuery from the front-end, and other plugins dependent on that may face issues. If you still require jQuery to be loaded, you probably don’t need this plugin.


Ez dago berrikuspenik plugin honentzat.

Laguntzaileak eta Garatzaileak

“Remove jQuery from Gravity Forms” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Aldaketen loga


Disable submit button while loading to prevent double submissions.


Add support for file uploads and test with WordPress 6.1. Managed to reduce the size of the plugin (gzipped) from 1.6kB to 1.5kB!


  • First release!