Richpanel Self-Service & Help Desk


Easily automate customer support on your site with a Self-Service portal. Allows the repetitive questions to be resolved immediately in real time 24×7. This reduces the demand on support agents and allowing them to focus on the more difficult cases. For agents: consolidate channels and customer data in one place so they don’t have to switch tabs and get more work done. Greatly increase your customer satisfaction while significantly decreasing agent case loads.


👉 Resolve repetitive questions immediately in real time 24×7

👉 Self-service that works on live chat, help center, SMS and email (coming soon)

👉 Help agents resolve faster. Unify all channels and customer data in one screen.

👉 Connect high intent visitors with live chat agents and convert more

👉 Manage your staff efficiently with smart scheduling, assignment and reporting

👉 Omnichannel Helpdesk & Ticketing

👉 Integrated Ecommerce Self-service

👉 Modern Live Chat & Messaging

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Allow the repetitive questions to be resolved immediately in real time 24×7.


Save agent time by unifying all channels and customer data in one screen.


Richpanel integrates with your entire tech stack.


Connect high intent visitors with live chat agents and convert more visitors.


Manage your staff efficiently with smart scheduling, assignment and reporting.


Resolve anytime, anywhere on the go. All designs are mobile first. Works across all screen sizes.


Running multiple stores? Set up store-specific branding and support all customers from one place.


Set up self-service & live chat in English, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, German & French. Don’t see your language here? Contact us and we’ll add it.


Easily migrate from Gorgias, Kustomer, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Helpscout, Intercom, and Live chat. Join the 1,000+ businesses that have upgraded Richpanel. Contact us for migration assistance.


Want to learn how you can power up your WooCommerce store support with Richpanel? Book a demo here or Sign-up here to see it in action.


  • Make customer service your #1 differentiator!
  • Eliminate repetitive support tasks with guided self-service
  • Save agent time by unifying all channels
  • Richpanel integrates with your entire tech stack.
  • Proactively engage a visitor on your store using live-chat campaigns
  • Get all the insights of your support team's performance
  • Resolve anytime, anywhere on the go using our Mobile app


Once you install the plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Open the plugin and it will ask for an API Key and API Secret.
  3. Enter your unique Richpanel API Key and API Secret.
  4. Click on the “Save Keys” button to save your API tokens.
  5. If you don’t have API tokens, sign up for free now and get one!
  6. After saved the API keys on your store, you will see options to “Sync Orders” and “Sync Subscriptions”.
  7. Use these options to sync the orders and subscription details of your customers with Richpanel.


How to get started?

To get started with Richpanel Book a demo here or Sign-up here to see it in action.

What are the messaging channels Richpanel supports?

Richpanel connects with your support email, Facebook and Instagram Pages, WhatsApp Business and live chat to bring all the messages in one inbox.

What are the integrations available?

Richpanel supports WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Facebook, Instagram, Aircall, Hubspot,, Smile, Recharge, Custom APIs and 20+ integrations.


2023(e)ko otsailaren 21(a)
I have been looking for such a complex and well-functioning solution for managing my customers for a long time. This helps a lot. The team is fast, transparent, extremely flexible and endlessly helpful. I can only say the best about them. Impressive customer service, which is to be expected from a company dealing with these. 100/100 points
2023(e)ko urtarrilaren 27(a)
We searched alot, we have over 2k customers emailing, messaging, commenting on our page and instagram it is impossible for us to keep up, we needed to streamline our communications. With this we integrated our 2 FB pages and Instagrams accounts, our woo commerce website, messenger and emails. We now can supervise our Virtual Assistant's activity overseas as well. Now we never miss messages, sales or worse, a customer who has a problem and really needs our attention. Some customers mention in a comment, then messenger us and email and it all comes in to the same place so we are not confused. If my assistant is replying, I can see what they said. We have a healthy list of canned text for responses for our VA and also are turning them into auto self serve responses in our website. It is so helpful that we can put the customers communication messages next to their data from our website so our we can see their order history, what they are shoping for.... its a very powerful tool. As we get really good with using all its features, I am sure we are ready to start scaling up our sales. We can handle the volume with this on our team. We had an issue with setting up our server with the emails. Our server is a little funny. Richpanel took the time to have a zoom meeting and help us through it. Quite excellent.
2022(e)ko apirilaren 4(a)
As soon as this plugin is active automated updates are activated for all plugins and can't be deactivated. as soon as the plugin is deactivated again, I am also able to deactivate automated updates for plugins again. since plugin conflicts can occur when updating everything automatically we usually first test the updates on a staging environment. if everything works fine we update the plugin on our live site. this is not possible when richpanel is active. totally useless and bad behavior by the plugin!
2020(e)ko ekainaren 30(a)
Fantastic product. Simple setup and allows you to automate the customer service process from end to end. I am so glad we found Rich Panel. We are using it across different project and it's eliminating the need for different systems in a big way. Support is also very responsive and helps you every step of the way!
2019(e)ko abenduaren 2(a)
Unlike any other helpdesks I tried, this works great with Woocommerce. It shows all the customers order and store data inside the tool and has all the features needed for the support team. The developers team has been very helpful to set up the helpdesk.
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“Richpanel Self-Service & Help Desk” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Aldaketen loga

2021-09-02 – version 2.3.2
* Preventing loading of messenger on admin screen

2021-06-25 – version 2.3.1
* Added suppport for item based tracking

2021-04-23 – version 2.3.0
* Added auto update and removed backward compatibility

2021-04-01 – version 2.2.9
* Added refund tracking

2021-03-05 – version 2.2.8
* Added lineItemId to handle duplicate custom order

2020-12-18 – version 2.2.7
* Removed direct call for order properties

2020-09-21 – version 2.2.6
* Optimized tracking code fetch

2020-07-27 – version 2.2.5
* Updated plugin to fetch order number

2020-04-17 – version 2.2.4
* Minor fixes

2020-02-25 – version 2.2.3
* Updated variant tracking info

2020-01-31 – version 2.2.2
* Added support for canada post tracking

2019-10-24 – version 2.2.0
* Update plugin action links

2019-10-18 – version 2.1.0
* Update plugin installation flow

2019-08-30 – version 2.0.3
* Updated URLs in Shipment & Tracking Helpdesk
* Updated Queries in Live Chat
* Made helpdesk plugin compatible with new version

2019-06-01 – version 2.0.2
* Updated Event Names and added User Details
* Improvements to mobile version of help desk
* Added animations when transitioning to different screens in the help desk
* Added UI improvements to live chat
* Added device tracking & channel tracking in CRM
* Added integration with WooCommerce Shipment Tracking
* See order & shipment tracking details inside helpdesk
* Agents can use order information in live chat & email

2018-04-01 – version 2.0.1
* Subscription Update
* Launched mobile compatible version of the help desk
* New and improved customer timelines in the help desk
* Converted conversations report in help desk
* Track which live chats resulted in a conversion and track them in helpdesk reports

2019-02-01 – version 2.0.0
* Updated Event Structure
* A new improved version of the help desk
* Inrtoduced customer survey on live chat and email conversations
* Customer satisfaction reports and surveys in help desk
* Filter helpdesk satisfaction reports by star rating and agents
* New and improved live chat messenger
* Conversation list in the live chat view
* Customers can continue live chats on email and vice versa

2018-12-01 – version 1.0.6
* Tracking all product interactions and display inside help desk
* Option to route chats to colleagues
* Filter conversations in the help desk by tags, user type (customer or visitor) & channels (email or Live chat)

2018-10-01 – version 1.0.4
* Set up chat bots for visitor qualification
* Route live chat to different teams based on responses
* Set a greeting and inrto message in live chat
* Set chat bots in live chat messenger
* Configure live chat visibility based on different urls
* Option to tag colleagues in the help desk
* Add private notes that are not visible to customers

2018-08-01 – version 1.0.2
* View and manage different views in the help desk
* Leave private notes in the helpdesk
* Configure live chat launcher
* Different live chat appearance for logged-in users and visitors
* Imporvements to mobile comptability of live chat
* CRM reports to track revenues by channel, source, medium, product, coupon, payment methods and more

2018-06-01 – version 1.0.1
* Imrpovements to live chat apperance
* Admin can collect visitor details in live chat
* Set online and offline Chat hours
* Begin live chat only after collecting qualification Details
* Configure live chat widget colors

2018-04-01 – version 1.0.0
* Launched live chat & Helpdesk
* Integration with WooCommerce