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Search Cloud One


Search Cloud One eliminates the expense of purchasing, deploying and maintaining traditional hardware and software.

Allow members of your organization, guests or subscribers to search documents, which are stored securely using AES-256 Encryption on Amazon S3.

  1. Search on your WordPress Sites: Embed Search Pages into your sites using our WordPress Plugin.
  2. Search with our API: Take advantage of our API to add Search to your Websites and Applications.
  3. Log in to Search Cloud One: To search directly.


This plugin depends on Search Cloud One Search as a Service, you will need an account with Search Cloud One.

Quick Start

Set up your first search page quickly and easily by following the quick start guide included in the plugin after installation.


Powered by the dtSearch Engine, Search Cloud One provides instant searching of terabytes of text.

Hits highlighted

Navigate through document hits quickly using our hit highlighter

Advanced functionality

  • Find more documents with Stemming and Synonym Searching
  • Divide and conquer with Category Search functionality
  • Narrow down results with date range and text field filters


  • Connect to your Search Cloud One account
  • The Quick Start guide Follow the 3 easy steps to get document search on your site.
  • Create a New Category. The example shows a Category called ‘Cases’ that searches multiple indexes, with filters for date field and case title.
  • Manage Categories In this example, two more categories have been created, Business Letters and Laws.
  • Create a New Search Page The example shows how the shortcode is generated from the Page Name. Two Categories are assigned.
  • Manage Search Pages Your Shortcodes are listed here.
  • Add Search to a Page with a [Shortcode]
  • The result!


Install the Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin via the Plugins directory in your admin dashboard.

  1. Log in to your admin dashboard.
  2. Go to Plugins -> Add New
  3. Search for ‘Search Cloud One’ and choose ‘Install Now’


Please visit the FAQ Section of our website.


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Laguntzaileak eta Garatzaileak

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Aldaketen loga


Fixed a bug causing ‘Download Original’ button to not work in some instances.


Fixed a bug causing version 2.2.2 to not install correctly in some instances.


  • We’ve added the ability to combine faceted navigation and search requests together!
  • Also, we added helpful pictures and information to the setup pages to help you get up and running faster.


Minor interface improvement


New! Drill into search results using our Faceted Search feature.

How it works:
Take for example a collection of car manuals. Each manual has metadata associated with it, such as ‘Brand’, ‘Form factor’ etc.

Using Facet Searching, it’s possible to find all of the manuals pertaining to Sedans’s by Mercedes, without performing a search request – Instead they are found by clicking ‘Mercedes’ under brand, ‘Sedan’ under form-factor and so on.

Learn how to set up Facet Searching


We added the ability to sort search results alphabetically!
Perform a search request on your search page and click Sort to choose the sort order.


New Features:

  • Added the ability to download the original file from the Document Viewer.
    • In the Document Viewer, Click More Options( ⋮ ) followed by Download Original
  • Added Properties window to the document viewer under More Options ( ⋮ )


Minor interface improvements:

  • In Search Results, the Page navigation is now evenly spaced and more friendly on mobile
  • Smoothed the loading transition when viewing documents


Fixed an issue causing debug settings to not save in some environments.


Fixed a reliability issue with the Search Interface.


We’ve revamped the Document Hit Viewer:

  • New Clean Look
  • Ability to jump to any hit in the document
  • A Handy Print Button!

For our advanced users:

  • New debug settings panel at the bottom of the Quick Start Page
  • New debug setting for Additional Display-name Field additional-dspn-field
    • When set, the Search Page will display the given field as the result title
  • New Plugin Reset button to forget everything and start fresh (Useful for test environments!)


Redesigned for the WordPress Plugin Store