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Please note you will need the following plugins installed to completely automate the process of collection of contracts using Caldera Forms and WP E-Signature.
1. Caldera Forms
2. WP E-Signature (Ultimate, Business or Pro license)
3. Stand Alone Document (comes with above licenses)

*An Ultimate, Business or Pro license license is required and can be purchased at

What would you do if you discover the contracts you used in running your online business were not legally binding?

Picture this: You’re standing in a courtroom, defending yourself against an estranged client who says that the contract you both agreed to is not legally binding. You did absolutely nothing wrong, and you know that both parties signed. After looking over the contract, the judge rules in your ex-client’s favor. What!? Your contract was not valid after all.

Now, let’s hope it never comes to this. But if it did, what could you possibly do?

The truth? Probably nothing.

The E-Sign industry has incredibly strict rules and regulations that all contracts, invoices, and agreement must abide to.

If any of your forms were to come into question, your entire business could be put at risk.

ApproveMe’s WP ESignature Plugin turns your WordPress website into a court recognized legal document signing platform.

Caldera Forms is an incredible plugin that can help automate tasks on your website. It’s great for what it specializes in, BUT, signing legally binding contracts it NOT their specialty…but it definitely is ours.

The Digital Signature Add-On for Caldera Forms guarantees that every contract, form or invoice submitted with the plugin is 100% UETA/ESIGN compliant.

You will never again have to question the legality of your forms…and you won’t ever need to pay for a third-party signing service.

Our team has invested a lot (like, a lot) of time learning how to build a system that follows all the rules. And not just the ones here. We created this plugin to be used in any country where e-signing is in practice.

We give you the power to control your user experience, and to protect yourself and your customer.

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Other E-Signature Plugins just record the details of signatures. They submit the data to a web server where it’s converted to an image file that gets saved on your FTP server.

This image file — your client’s hand written legal signature — is made easily accessible to FTP hackers. Most of these other plugins aren’t legally binding (and definitely not UETA/ESIGN compliant) because they don’t address all the laws and regulations!

If there was ever a dispute over your contract, you would be in some serious trouble. And if you or a client was ever a victim of fraud or identify theft, you’d only have non-binding contracts to stand out…which is the same as having nothing at all. Don’t take a chance.

The Powerful Features of ApproveMe’s Digital Signature Add-On for Caldera Forms:

UETA/ESIGN Compliance

We make sure our plugin is always 100% compliant with the most up-to-date e-signing rules and regulations. You can rest easy knowing that any document signed with our plugin will stand up in court.

Unique Signer Invitations

Signed PDF documents are not openly available for download like other plugins. Only when the sender is logged in and the signer uses a unique invitation can a signed PDF be downloaded. Extra security to ensure no unauthorized persons see your contract.

Encrypted Data Storage

We’ll never store your data on a FTP server that is open to intruders like other plugins. Instead, we encrypt and store your data in different strategic locations in your database. Everything from your document data to your custom input fields is guaranteed secure.

If an intruder even tried to unencrpyt any of your data, the entire document would destroy itself. We have invested heavily in the security of this plugin.

Instant Trigger Contracts

Move your clients down the funnel without getting lost. Redirect signers to a contract immediately after submitting their data in forms. Make sure your contract gets signed right away.

Responsive Design

Mobile signing is here. Our platform works seamlessly with all desktop and mobile browsers for Android and iOS including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Dynamic Form Fields

Customize your contract with your signer’s info. Even complex forms can sync with your contract.

Signing Reminder Emails

Automatic reminder emails give that gentle nudge when a client hasn’t yet signed. You choose the trigger date and the frequency.

Zero Monthly Fees Per User + Unlimited Users

Everyone on your team can use the plugin. And feel free to create as many contracts as you like. No limits, no hidden fees. Ever.

Secure your contracts and rest easy. click here for a demo

Need Customer Support?

To better service you and to prevent support tickets from being lost, we’ve put together a great support resource on our site. (There is no support on the forum.)

For support, log into your account a submit a ticket and we’ll get back with you in no time.

If you have any non-support related questions about this plugin, or any other of our products, please feel free to contact us on our contact form page.

In the meantime, here’s a resource we created to show you the importance of e-signing and contract security:

Free ebook:
7 Ways to Protect Your Company from Contracts That Aren’t Binding

To see Caldera Forms to WP E-Signature in action see the demo video below:

Try Caldera Forms + WP E-Signature Demo Here

*Although the WP Digital Signature Plugin will meet the requirements of the vast majority of e-signature laws, it is up to the end user to verify legality in their country of business.

Additional Info

Additional important PDF capabilities and workflows for Caldera Forms Signature Add-On

  • Fully automate the signature collection procedure for your individual or small company
  • Download a copy of the signed document from your website as a PDF
  • Sync your Dropbox account with a Signed PDF
  • Email yourself and the signer a copy of the PDF which is UETA/ESIGN compliant

Your own WordPress website stores and encrypts all documents (not a random third party site)

Find out more details about document security of the WP E-Signature here: Security UETA/E SIGN Protection

Free ebook:
7 Ways to Protect Your Company from Contracts That Aren’t Binding

An active WP E-Signature business license is necessary for the Caldera Forms Signature plugin to function. To get yours, you can simply buy a copy at (

Zero Monthly Expenses • UETA & ESIGN Compliant • Legally Binding • 100% Money Back Guarantee


Every signed document could be saved as a PDF, placed in an email, instantly synced to a Dropbox account and much more! You choose exactly how you want it to work!

An up to date Ultimate, Business or Pro License is needed for ApproveMe’s Caldera Forms Signature plugin to run smoothly

Get Your ApproveMe Business License Now

Where do I go for help on additional pre-sale questions?

Please feel free to contact us at anytime with any additional questions you might have at our contact form page.


  • Add New Document: Once you’ve installed the WP E-Signature, you will need to draft up a new “Stand Alone Document”

  • Caldera Forms Data If you click the Signer Input Fields icon you will see the option “Caldera Forms Data.” Click this to connect a Caldera Form to this contract.

  • Select Your Caldera Forms: If you already have your Caldera Form created you can easily insert dynamic field data (from the Caldera Form that is being submitted/triggering this contract) by selecting the Caldera Form.

  • Choose Your Caldera Forms Fields: After selecting your Caldera Form you will see the available field options from this particular Caldera Form. You can easily insert data from your Caldera Form anywhere in this new contract.

  • Document Signing Options (optional): The powerful WP eSignature tool by ApproveMe features plenty of customizable options including: Signing reminder Emails, Attach PDF to emails, Dropbox Sync, Auto Register WordPress Users, and TONS more. To read all about the available add-on features (which come with the business license) please see:

  • Connect Your Document to a Page:Once you’re satisfied with your contract, you will need to select a BLANK WordPress page to attach this document to.

  • Click “LET’S GO NOW”:After you have published your contract, you just need to connect your Stand Alone Document to your Caldera Form. This is pretty straight forward. Just click the button “LET’S GO NOW!” to be redirected to the actions/trigger tab for your specific Caldera Form.

  • Define Your Signing Logic: This is the page (inside of Caldera Forms) that needs to be customized. Please choose the Signer’s Full Name and the Signer’s Email address along with any other additional eSignature settings you’d like to include with your contract.

  • User Submits a Caldera Forms Once a user submits the Caldera Form that you connected to your WP eSignature contract, they will either be immediately redirected to the contract or emailed an unique invitation to sign their contract. All submitted details from Caldera Forms will be included.

  • Review & eSign: Your users will review the contract before finalizing the contract with their signature.

  • Select a Digital Signature:Signers can choose a typed or digital signature

  • Agree & eSign: With their e-signature, the customers agree to the terms of the document.

  • View Signed Document Email:Signers will be sent an email that includes the link to the document (and a PDF version of the contract if you opted for this method).

  • Save as PDF:Customers can either view, print or download their signed document from the website. To do this, they need to click “View Signed Document” in the email that was sent to them upon signing. (With the “Attach as PDF” add-on installed, you can also automatically include the signed contract as a PDF attachment in this email.)

  • WordPress Audit Trail eSignature Certificate: Proving signer intent is a very important component to signing electronic documents. Every contract that is signed using WP E-Signature includes a detailed Signature Certificate. You can read all about the security of this report here.


How it Works:

Setup for the Caldera Forms plugin is a breeze. With an active ApproveMe business license, you can instantly produce a legally binding (court accepted) contract utilizing completed Caldera Forms data and require your Caldera Forms submitter to add their signature on your WP E Signature generated contract.

This plugin is perfect for Freelancers, Small Business Owners, Web Designers, and Artists who want to simplify their contract generation process.

Get started by following these simple Caldera Forms Signature Plugin setup steps

Step 1:
ApproveMe’s WP E Signature requires a few more plugins/add-ons to help you release the full power and automate Caldera Forms as well as Digital Signatures that are legally binding. The following plugins are required:

  1. Caldera Forms
  2. WP E Signature (ultimate, business or pro license)
  3. E-Signature Business Pack (comes with your license above)
  4. Signature Add-On by ApproveMe (this plugin)

Step 2:
Input your ApproveMe license
After buying a business license from ApproveMe, you must input your new license key to launch upgrades and access technical support.

Log into your account to download your license key ApproveMe account here (your password is included in the receipt emailed to you)

Step 3:
Set up a blank WordPress page
Once the WP eSignature plugins and add-ons have been installed and your configurations are saved, you must set up a blank WordPress webpage for every Stand Alone Document (or contract) you will be producing/sending to your form submitters.

Discover more about Stand Alone Documents by visiting this helpful article

Step 4:
Set up a Stand Alone Document
Using your new blank WordPress page, you will then need to produce a Stand Alone Document and then connect the WordPress page to our Stand Alone Document.

Find out more about Stand Alone Documents by visiting documentation page for this add-on.

Step 5:
(optional) Input Caldera Form User Details into a Contract

This step will be different depending on the desired outcome you want. Approve Me’s Digital Signature is triggered once a Caldera Form is submitted. This add-on gives you the power to incorporate Caldera Form user info (which was inputted from the customer once the form was submitted) into a brand new contract form which will either be emailed to the customer or shown to the customer after they submit the form.

How to use Caldera Forms to add form fields details into a contract

Go to the Signer Input Fields/Custom Fields symbol and choose “Caldera Form Data”.

Choose the Caldera Form that you’ve already made (and want to link with your contract form) using the drop down option list.

Pick the field info you want to include in your new contract.

A shortcode is created using this data. (Don’t worry — your customer will only see the real field value when signing your contract.)

This is an example of the auto-generated shortcode which will get placed in the document you are producing when you select your desired field value from your Caldera Form

[esigcaldera formid=”3″ field_id=”1″ ]

You can easily transfer the shortcode to any place in your contract form. It will show the customer’s provided info anywhere the shortcode is found.

Step 6:
Select your document preferences and save settings

When you have inserted all of your required contract text and have linked your preferred Caldera Forms field data to your Stand Alone Document, you’re ready to choose your document settings.

Important note: Before you can post your contract form, you must link your Stand Alone Document to the blank WordPress webpage you made previously for your contract. Do this by looking for and choosing the webpage from the “Display on this page” drop down option list found under the “Document Options” area.

We decided NOT to include this page in your nav menu since it will be connected to a Caldera Form and will not work properly unless it has the field values of that submitted Caldera Form.

Step 7:
Almost there… (halfway done)
Once you’ve published your Stand Alone Document, you’re halfway done. In the next step you have to pick your “trigger” and “action” selections for this document in Caldera Forms.

Select LET’S GO NOW! to establish those final Caldera Forms preferences.

Step 8:
Finalize creating the Caldera Form workflow/trigger

We’re coming to the end! Now all you need to do is select your contract and your preferred actions once the workflow is activated.

Go to the “Forms” tab located in the WordPress control panel.

Select the form you attached to the Stand Alone Document.

Choose the “E-Signature” choice within the form options and specify the remaining options.

Now You’re done!

To see a live demo of the Caldera Forms to WP E-Signature by visiting:
Try Caldera Forms + WP E-Signature Demo Here


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Version – November 10, 2020
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Version – November 10, 2020
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Version – October 9, 2017
FIX: Some logic around Caldera and WP E-Signature
ADDED: Caldera Forms Pre-Check when creating a document

Version 1.5.1 – August 10, 2017
FIX: Caldera title overrides issue fixed
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FIX: Warning message display on signing Document with caldera form

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