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SimpleTwitter allows WordPress blog owners to add Twitter messages to their templates.
Once installed, the plug-in is used by adding the following call in a template.

<?php get_twitter_msg(); ?>

There’s no formatting. All this returns is the plain text that is the most recent
Twitter post found for the configured Twitter user. The message will be cached for the
configured number of minutes. After this time, Twitter is checked for new messages.

All configuration is done through wp-admin. No code editing is necessary.

A note about cURL

SimpleTwitter uses the cURL php libraries to make requests to If cURL is
not available this will be indicated in the wp-admin interface will, and the
get_twitter_msg() function will return nothing. This should degrade gracefully, so you
should not experience php errors.


  1. Upload simple_twitter.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin though the `Plugins’ menu in WordPress wp-admin
  3. Configure the plugin through the `Options -> SimpleTwitter’ menu in WordPress wp-admin:
    3a. Add a twitter user id for the messages you want to show
    3b. Specify a time in minutes, for how long the SimpleTwitter should cache the tweet
  4. Place <?php get_twitter_msg(); ?> where you would like the message to appear


What is my twitter user id?

Your twitter user id is the user name that you used to sign up to twitter.

Can I use any twitter id?

Yes. Anything that resolves to can be used.

Why not just use the Javascript badge?

The javascript badge makes a call to every time a page is requested. SimpleTwitter
caches the tweet for a few minutes, so your web pages should be complete faster.

I’ve just posted to twitter. Why isn’t my tweet showing?

This will be because of the cache. This will always be a compromise between instantly updating
your website with the most recent message, and always serving a complete webpage to your visitors.

Why does my web page occasionally takes a long time to load?

SimpleTwitter runs before a page has finished loading. If the cache has expired, a
request to will be made. Depending on how busy is, it may
take a while to respond. There is a fairly small time out set in the plugin, which should
restrict the time it waits for a response to an acceptable level. If hasn’t responed
in this time, the cache will not update and the old message will be displayed. Remember, it should
only have to do this after the number of minutes configured in wp-admin.

How long is the length of the time out?

A connection has to be made to within 4 seconds. A response has to be received within
8 seconds.

Can I change the length of the request time out?

Not yet, no.

How do I show the time of the tweet?

You can’t just yet. This isn’t called SimpleTwitter for nothing!


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