MC Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin


🎯 Full Free wishlist Plugin with all main features plus peronalized & powerful email marketing automation and coupon codes. (+good support team😉)

With the More convert Wishlist plugin, you can greatly impact your business:
✅ Get more loyal customers and know them,
✅ Instantly grow your sales,
✅ Send offers based on your users’ favorites.

If you have a WooCommerce website, you need a More convert Wishlist plugin. After installing it:
1. An add to wishlist button will be added for your products.
2. If your users can’t buy at the time, they’ll add their favorite products to their wishlist.
3. You could entice them by sending tempting offers for the products they’d love to buy.

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How you can take advantage of woocommerce wishlist plugin:

✅ 1. Increase your store sales. How❓
💡 You could prevent your users from closing their shopping page without sending their contact information. With More convert Wishlist, you can catch them in your trap.
✅ 2. Increase your website traffic. How❓
💡 More convert Wishlist has a sharing feature. Your users can share their wishlist with their relatives, friends, or on their social networks. After a while, these new people will come to your website, and they’ll become your customers over time.
✅ 3. Reduce the purchase risk and get more loyal customers. How❓
💡 69% of your users don’t accept the purchase risk and close their shopping page. If they can add their favorite product to the wishlist, they don’t have to decide immediately. After a while, they purchase without fear of risk.
✅ 4. Send smart offers to your users with effortless marketing. How❓
💡 With More convert Wishlist, You can send a discount code or free shipping to the wishlist users. Someone who loves the product and gets an offer for it will buy it. without struggling!
✅ 5. Save your time and money. How❓
💡 You don’t need to waste your time and money on pointless advertising. Now you have a powerful tool that offers to customers based on their wishes.

General Features
✅ Smart display of product details: Product Image, Product Name, Added Price, Unit Price, Stock Status, Quantity, Date of Adding
✅ Remove the product from the wishlist and go to the cart automatically (after adding it to the cart)
✅ Enable/disable the wishlist for unlogged users
✅ Show an invitation for unlogged users to log in
✅ Choose an action triggered by the wishlist button: display a pop-up or open the wishlist.
✅ Pop-up for redirect to wishlist
✅ Customized pop-up (change appearance, text, add image…)

Button Appearance Features (Add To Wishlist)
✅ Fully customizable appearance
✅ Change button text to anything you want
✅ Change button text after adding product to wishlist
✅ Change the type of button into icon, text and both
✅ Set the color of the button with the site theme
✅ Attract more attention by making a dynamic button with flash icon mode

Button Position Features
✅ Change button position in product and shop page
✅ Use shortcode for positioning ideal place

woocommerce Wishlist Shareability Features
✅ Enable/disable wishlist sharing button
✅ Share wishlist on social channels (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, telegram, and email)
✅ Share with link

Marketing Features
✅ Automate Customize dedicated coupon (time, free shipping, price, expiration date) for every user and Automate deactivation it after expiration
✅ Define condition and Email automation. For example, send email automation to users who have added a specific product to their wishlist
Email series template (4 professional email templates written with marketing principle, copywriting, and FOMO technique to increase sales)
✅ Able to make dynamic personalize email content, You can use the following placeholders:
{user_name}, {user_email}, {user_first_name}, {user_last_name}, {coupon_code}, {coupon_amount}, {expiry_date}

Free Support:
Get support and get your answer as soon as you ask a question.


  • different button display modes
  • different button positions on the shop
  • different button positions on the product page
  • wishlist page appearance
  • wishlist general setting
  • wishlist shareability setting
  • Marketing setting
  • Follow-up emails automation setting
  • Elementor editor options


Does MoreConvert More convert Wishlist have a free version?

Yes, it currently has only a free version, but we will add more options soon.

Can I customize my wishlist position?

Yes, you can put your wishlist button in a place that you want.

What marketing part can I use in this plugin?

It helps you in increasing your sales by sending amazing email templates based on conditions.

Can I change the style of the wishlist button?

Yes, it’s possible. You can even set buttons with your website theme.

Can my customers share their wishlist on social media?

Yes, even they can change the title of their link and then post it (for example, change the “my wishlist” into “my suggestion for my birthday :D”)

Where can I get support?

If you need training, you can ask for help on our website plugin Forum or MC More convert Wishlist page.


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This plugin is great and works flawlessly.Very smart and simple plugin. Support is fast and active as well! Discovered a small style issue with my theme. Asked for support in the chat and they sent me custom CSS in a couple of hours. keep up with the good work!
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1.0.2 – Released on 05 November 2021

  • Fixed: Resolve Some Bugs

1.0.1 – Released on 30 October 2021

  • Added: WP 5.8.1 support
  • Added: WC 5.8.0 support
  • Added: Elementor support
  • Added: Guide icon added
  • Update: Complete redesign of UI & UX
  • Fixed: Resolve Reported issues
  • Fixed: Fixed errors during installation

1.0.0 – Released on 26 June 2021

  • Initial release